INDems statement on Sine Die


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Cordelia Lewis Burks issued the following statement after the 2020 legislative session adjourned Sine Die.

“The legislative process looks to be bought and sold by special interests and Statehouse Republicans aren’t even trying to hide it. If you’re a special interest, it pays to have friends like Eric Holcomb. This session exposed Statehouse Republicans’ proclivity for cutting deals for friends that dump cash into GOP campaign accounts. Working Hoosiers not plying the hallways of the Statehouse will be hard-pressed to identify one way their paycheck got bigger or health care bill got smaller. Hoosiers look to lawmakers to go to work for them, not the highest bidder.

Health care

“Eric Holcomb didn’t need to spend $30,000/day for a legislative session to tell Hoosiers their health care bills are skyrocketing. Working Hoosiers gauge Republicans’ effectiveness by the difference they see in their health care bills and prescription drug price tags. By that measure, it appears Republicans didn’t even bother to show up. Again and again, Republicans voted down proposals to cap the cost of insulin and lower the cost of prescription drugs. It’s more of the same with industry crowned the big winner while Hoosiers continue to pay big bills.


“It’s like giving a car thief the keys when Republicans refused to tighten oversight on virtual charter schools like the one that ripped off taxpayers for $68 million while funneling campaign cash to Eric Holcomb and Republicans allies. More than 20,000 educators didn’t rally on the Statehouse lawn to pat Eric Holcomb on the back. They were expecting a good faith raise, they got a figurative middle finger from Republicans. Sadly, teachers still have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet in our state.”


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