INDems to Attorney General Rokita: You’re Being “Canceled” for Being a Jerk, Not “Censorship”


IndyStar: Twitter warns Rokita’s election fraud tweet may spur violence

Attorney General Rokita has now twice displayed sad rhetoric aimed at fringe political rhetoric and a twice impeached former U.S. president 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today felt sorry for Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita for once again displaying some very sad and unbecoming rhetoric aimed at sucking up to former President Donald Trump and his fanclub which refuse to believe in science, data, and truth. His rather embarrassing Valentine’s Day tweet — which once again falsely suggested the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump — was slapped with a warning from Twitter for inciting violent rhetoric in our public discourse.

Todd Rokita also further destroyed any trust he’s built with Hoosiers who just want their elected officials to get things done for their families. 

But here’s what will always happen: The Indiana Republican Party — either led by Todd Rokita or others — will begin turning this into some fictitious debate about so-called “cancel culture” or “censorship”. However, the Indiana Democratic Party would like to remind the INGOP that they are being canceled simply for being jerks and discarding their Hoosier values, not because of any hidden political agenda from independently owned social media companies. 

Until Members of the Indiana Republican Party — like Rokita — dial back their dangerous rhetoric and begin to work with Democrats to get things done for Hoosier families, they will continue to be viewed as jerks to everyone but their primary supporters. Here are some key points to yesterday’s story in The Indianapolis Star

Twitter warns Rokita’s election fraud tweet may spur violence

IndyStar // Johnny Magdaleno 

“Twitter has banned replies, retweets and likes on a Valentine’s Day-themed tweet from Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita that implied the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. 

The social media giant took punitive measures against Rokita a day after the state’s top lawyer published a meme on his personal account with floating red hearts and the text “You stole my heart like a 2020 election.” Below the text is a cartoon-like portrait of Donald Trump.

A banner now appears towards the bottom of the tweet saying that the meme contains a disputed claim of election fraud, and that it can’t be responded to ‘due to a risk of violence.’

IndyStar has reached out to Rokita for comment.”

Last month, Rokita tweeted a remark suggesting he was challenging Twitter to see how it would respond.” […]

“Trump has claimed he won the 2020 election despite offering no proof of widespread voter fraud. Courts in key swing states repeatedly rejected arguments made by Trump’s legal team. 

Rokita in December urged the Supreme Court to hear a lawsuit Texas filed claiming that four states had unconstitutional election practices, claims that court ultimately rejected.”


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