INDems: Where Are Congressional Republicans on Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal?


Questions must be asked: Will the Indiana Republican Party follow suit? Will they support the bipartisan agreement that U.S. Senator Todd Young worked so hard to achieve? 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called on the Indiana press corps to ask Republicans in Indiana’s Congressional delegation for their stance on the recently announced bipartisan infrastructure deal that will revitalize the state’s infrastructure system, put Hoosiers to work, and help Indiana build back better from the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday’s announcement was another proof point about why good-faith partnerships between state and federal governments work and why it’s essential to pass the American Jobs Plan and the opportunity to transform the state. 

Will the Indiana Republican Party follow suit? Will they support the bipartisan agreement that U.S. Senator Todd Young worked so hard to achieve? 

Recent receipts by Indiana Republicans diminish this possibility. Just yesterday, Senator Mike Braun expressed hesitation to the deal, claiming to be a “fiscal hawk”. Braun joined Congressman Jim Banks last week in opposition to the Endless Frontier Act passed by the Democratic U.S. Senate and Todd Young. Further, numerous Congressional Republicans have harkened back to a partisan playbook of “government spending” to oppose legislation by Democrats — despite passing a $2.3 trillion tax law and ballooning the national debt by $7.8 trillion in just four years

“The Indiana Republican Party has quite the conundrum: either they show some responsibility and vision and support President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan or they turn their backs on this common-sense proposal to fulfill a form of extreme partisanship that is doing nothing but hold Hoosier families back from a better future,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Hoosiers are watching Indiana Republicans because after a decade of just saying ‘no’ to opportunities to create better futures for Hoosiers, they’ve thrown themselves in a corner where they’ve lost their identity and sense of direction in the process. It’s time they reveal who they are, and this upcoming infrastructure deal is their make or break moment.” 

The Indiana Democratic Party is ready to deliver more opportunities for Hoosiers and the state of Indiana. Once the American Jobs Plan is fully passed and signed into law, childcare deserts will be addressed across Indiana, broadband internet will be widely available for all Hoosiers, and veterans will see the VA system revitalized to fit the needs of all service members – including more than 31,000 women who proudly served our nation. Democrats are ready to build a better tomorrow for Indiana – and it starts with the American Jobs Plan. 


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