Indiana “at Crisis Levels” as House GOP Plans to Fast Track House Bill 1001 and Effort to Discredit COVID-19 Vaccine


WIBC: “Overall, 3,260 Hoosiers are hospitalized with COVID, 53  more than yesterday. That’s the most since December 4, 2020, which was three days after the all-time high”

ICYMI: Indiana Chamber of Commerce opposes House Bill 1001, INGOP’s partisan effort to discredit the COVID-19 vaccine and harm state’s business community

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today passed along the following quotes from Indiana’s medical community ahead of the scheduled committee vote on House Bill 1001 this morning. Indiana Republicans announced on Tuesday they were “fast tracking” the legislation that would discredit the COVID-19 vaccine just as the state is experiencing its worst surge during the entire pandemic. To make matters worse, Republicans also want to force state businesses to pay for COVID-related testing – which would have employers opt out and create unsafe work environments.

Indiana Republicans’ 2021 effort to taint the life-saving vaccine comes as hospitals are on the brink of collapse. Vaccination rates in the Hoosier State are one of the worst in the nation and hospitalizations are days away from breaking grim records. Because of the GOP’s extreme partisanship, Indiana is the most dangerous state to call home during COVID-19. 

Indiana Democrats have done everything possible to help Hoosier families put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, Hoosiers have every opportunity to get a vaccine and fully-funded the state’s READI program. Democrats delivered and created this brighter future for families, but unfortunately, the Indiana Republican Party’s extreme partisanship is rooting against the chance for Hoosiers to move on from the pandemic. 

This is the State of the State as Indiana Republicans plan to pass House Bill 1001 out of committee and further discredit the COVID-19 vaccine:

What Health Officials Are Saying About Latest COVID-19 Surge

Indiana University Health’s hospitals are now 120% over capacity” […] “We’re at the highest point we have been. All of our hospitals are stretched beyond prior belief.” – Christopher Weaver, Indiana University Health’s senior vice president and chief clinical officer

“At this point in time IU Health has more patients than beds, said Dr. Michele Saysana, vice president for safety, quality and patient improvement and chief patient safety and Quality Officer.”

Our numbers are about as high as they have ever been. We reached our highest point Christmas Eve, Christmas Day of last year. We are at those numbers right now and it’s still climbing.” – Terry Metzger, Ascension Health’s chief operating officer for that health system

Riley Hospital currently has about four times as many children admitted with COVID-19 as it did at any other point in the pandemic, said Dr. Elaine Cox, vice president and chief medical officer for Riley Children’s Health” […] “There are more of them and they are sicker” 

On some days when hospital beds have been full, 40-plus patients have been waiting in the Methodist emergency room hallway for beds, said Autumn Bowman, a Methodist emergency room nurse.” […] “There are times where we have, since our doors never close, where we would need to treat patients in the hallway”

We don’t have enough critical care beds and critical care nurses,” Physician Dan Wickert, vice president of medical affairs for Franciscan. “We’re struggling.”

“We have used conference rooms and ambulance space for spaces where we care for hospitalized patients,” said Dr. Michele Saysana. “That has not been the case before COVID.”

Dr. Daniel McCormick said Thursday that Northwest Indiana hospitals are “at crisis levels” trying to treat the latest surge of COVID-19 infections while also providing all the usual health care services needed by Region residents”

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