Indiana Democratic Party Announces the “Mike Pence Scorecard” Webpage


If Mike Pence wants to discuss his record, the IDP has a helpful guide for Hoosier voters on Pence’s failed record as state’s governor

INDIANAPOLIS – Republicans have said Mike Pence will run on his record for his election year campaign. Democrats welcome this discussion as today, the Indiana Democratic Party announced the“Mike Pence Scorecard” – a website dedicated to showing Hoosiers every time Mike Pence put his political agenda ahead of the well-being of Indiana.

Screenshot of the IDP’s “Mike Pence Scorecard”

“If Mike Pence wants to discuss his record, we welcome the discussion because time and again, this governor has put his own political agenda ahead of the everyday Hoosier,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “After signing RFRA, neglecting a growing wage gap for Hoosiers, and declining an $80 million Pre-K grant – Hoosiers have a one-stop shop when it comes to understanding just how bad Gov. Pence’s record has been for the state of Indiana.”

The “Mike Pence Scorecard” comes after Indiana Republicans have said Mike Pence has “a very strong record” during his first term in office. But the GOP will have to do more than talk Indiana’s problems away. After Gov. Pence threw Indiana into a $250 million economic panic with RFRA and put the state’s coveted “Hoosier Hospitality” and “Crossroads of America” reputations in jeopardy, Hoosiers are fed up of having a Washington, D.C. ideologue as their governor. They are ready for some Hoosier Commonsense leadership at the Statehouse – and that person is John Gregg.


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