Indiana Democratic Party Passes 2024 Delegate Selection Plan


INDIANAPOLIS – This week, the State Central Committee of the Indiana Democratic Party approved the Delegate Selection Plan for the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

“Hoosier Democrats are already laying the groundwork for 2024. Our focus is to expand our party by getting more Democrats involved and encouraging new delegates to run and serve,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. “Our 2024 Delegate Selection Plan ensures we will have a diverse delegation that looks like our party – and looks like Indiana – so we can represent Indiana well at the National Convention in Chicago.”

Those applying to be delegates to the DNC must file with the Indiana Democratic Party between April 19 and May 20, 2024. National delegates will be selected by state convention delegates at the Indiana Democratic Party’s 2024 State Convention next year. Democratic primary voters will elect State Convention Delegates during the 2024 Democratic primary, or will be appointed.

The plan encourages new voters, and those from underrepresented groups to get involved in the delegate selection process. Voters of color, women, and youth make up large segments of the Democratic Party, and work by the State Party Affirmative Action Committee on the plan ensures that these groups will be in Chicago representing Indiana.

Indiana will have 76 total delegates, and 6 at-large alternates, to the convention. 44 of these delegates will be allocated via each of Indiana’s nine congressional districts. The district-level delegates will then meet at the state convention to select the nine Party Leader/Elected Official (PLEO) delegates, 14 at-large delegates, and six alternate at-large delegates. The full Delegate Selection Plan is available at, and has been submitted to the Democratic National Committee’s Rules & Bylaws Committee for consent and approval.


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