Indiana Democratic Party Statement on State Supreme Court Abortion Ban Ruling


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Democratic Party released the following statement from IDP Chairman Mike Schmuhl today after the Indiana Supreme Court ruled in favor of Indiana Republicans’ near-total ban on abortion:

“Today is the latest in a line of sad days for the rights of Hoosier women. Over three million women in our state have lost the fundamental right to make decisions about their own bodies and health. Polls have consistently shown that a majority of Hoosiers believe women should have the right to choose. 

The unbalanced supermajority of Republicans in the statehouse are responsible for the consequences that this law will cause. Multitudes of Hoosier women every year will be forced to travel hundreds of extra miles to other states to receive healthcare. The few exceptions provided are likely only exceptions on paper, as bans in other states have shown. Many women will be forced to carry unsafe pregnancies to term because they don’t have the resources to travel, or will be denied care (despite meeting an exception) because of the risk to hospitals facing legal action.

This decision will not stop the resolve of Hoosier Democrats to restore full reproductive rights for all women in Indiana. In the coming months and years, Democratic legislators will continue proposals to reverse this ban, work to expand access to contraceptives, and fight against Republican attempts to criminalize doctors and women. We stand united with the majority of Hoosiers who want all women in our state to have equal rights — and the right to choose.”


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