Indiana Democrats and Republicans Credit American Rescue Plan as Key Factor in Indiana’s New Budget


KPC News: “Public schools also are receiving $2 billion from the federal rescue plan, [GOP State Senator Dennis Kruse] added.” 

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette’s Niki Kelly: “[GOP State Senator Vaneta] Becker doesn’t like ESA and voucher money but all in all it’s a great budget that everyone can take credit for including the federal government through Trump/Biden.” 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the impact President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) will have on the state after the Indiana General Assembly yesterday passed its biennial budget which includes $250 million in broadband expansion and $500 million in economic development projects — all paid for by the ARP federal stimulus package. Further, a couple of Republicans even gave credit to the Rescue Plan for its provisions that help Indiana’s schools and create construction projects across Indiana. 

“Hoosiers saw this week that partnership — not partisanship — can help us get through tough times and get things done for people. Make no mistake: the successful passage of such a strong, bipartisan budget is a direct result of President Joe Biden’s leadership,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “The American Rescue Plan is a common sense package that is helping Indiana put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, and it’s refreshing to see Indiana Republicans use these federal dollars for necessary investments like public education and broadband expansion. Now, Hoosier Democrats hope Republicans can join us in supporting the American Jobs Plan, which will revitalize the state’s infrastructure, create jobs, and truly take Indiana to the next level.” 

This kind of partnership is what Hoosiers will value most as the state is coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, because this budget brings an opportunity to create a better future for Indiana and all Hoosiers. The success of the American Rescue Plan is only the start as the Indiana Democratic Party looks forward to supporting the upcoming infrastructure package, the American Jobs Plan. 

Take a look at just some of the coverage Hoosiers saw about the American Rescue Plan and its impact on Indiana:  

NWI Times: “The additional money comes from federal aid provided directly to Indiana through Democratic President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, along with increased state tax revenue, particularly sales taxes, linked to Hoosiers spending their American Rescue Plan stimulus checks.” 

KPC News: “Late developments poured an extra $5.4 billion into the pot of money legislators could distribute in the new, two-year state budget. The excess includes $2.4 billion from an improved tax revenue forecast and and $3 billion from the federal American Rescue Plan. 

‘An unbelievable $1.9 billion is going to K-12 education in Indiana’ as the biggest share of the extra funds, Kruse said. Public schools also are receiving $2 billion from the federal rescue plan, he added.”

CNHI: “Many Democrats credited President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan for the state’s speedy recovery…” 

WIBC: “An unexpected gusher of $2 billion in new money from a revised economic forecast, on top of $3 billion from President Biden’s pandemic relief package, enabled budget negotiators to check off box after box on both parties’ budget wish lists, starting with a $1 billion funding boost for schools that will meet a long-promised goal of raising teacher pay to be competitive with other Midwestern states.” […]

“Money from the American Rescue Plan will also pay for broadband connectivity, hiking and biking trails, police body cameras, and water treatment plants.”  

IndyStar: “It was an unusual budget cycle: The economy is recovering at a quicker pace than predicted due in part to the vaccine roll out and the stimulus checks from President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Act already hit many people’s bank accounts.” […] 

Plus, the state received roughly $3 billion directly from the American Rescue Plan, a fact Democrats were quick to point out, that lawmakers could use for one-time expenses, such as infrastructure. 

‘Thank God for Joe Biden,’ Sen. Eddie Melton, D- Gary, said. ‘Thank God for the American Rescue Plan.’” 

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “He and others pointed out the American Rescue Plan pushed by President Joe Biden made some of the progress in the budget possible.”  


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