Indiana Democrats Call on Indiana GOP to Issue Another Tax Refund for Hoosiers


WTHR: “[State Rep. Terri] Austin said the state can afford to do more now — in the form of another automatic refund.”

ICYMI: “Democrats have been calling since March for a temporary gas tax suspension, only to be rebuffed by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb and the GOP-dominated Legislature.”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today joined State Representatives Terri Austin, Renee Pack, and Greg Porter in calling on Governor Eric Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans to issue another tax refund for Hoosiers. The state could tap into the state’s $6 billion surplus to fund this win-win project that would help families combat global inflation. The bottom line is that Hoosier families are struggling to make ends meet, and it’s Indiana Democrats who are ready to lead the effort to deliver on this kitchen-table issue.

Democrats’ plan follows a similar effort to help Hoosiers make ends meet. Last month, Democrats like Mike Andrade, Mitch Gore, Rita Fleming, and Tonya Pfaff asked Holcomb to pause the state’s gas tax which would lower costs at the pump. The Indiana GOP ignored these calls to action – proving again they have no plans for Indiana’s future, just partisanship. 

Now is the time for state leaders to provide an all-around approach to combat global inflation, but so far, it appears Indiana Democrats are the only ones who want to answer the call. Democrats were ignored when we asked for a temporary pause on rising state gas taxes even as the state sits on a huge surplus. Democrats hope that during this moment, the Indiana GOP can put aside their national partisanship and join us in a bipartisan opportunity. If not, Governor Holcomb and Republicans will continue to prove they prefer gimmicks and partisanship over creating a better future for our families.” – Lauren Ganapini, Executive Director of the Indiana Democratic Party. 

In both Indiana and Washington, the entire Indiana Republican Party has refused to address global inflation. Republicans in Indianapolis dismissed Democrats’ plan to pause the state’s gas tax and have yet to produce a plan that would lower costs for families around the state. And in Washington, the Indiana GOP said “NO” to policies that would ease the cost of goods for Hoosiers – including opposition to The Jobs Act, capping insulin at $35 dollars a month and holding oil companies accountable for price gouging. The Republicans’ opposition goes to show that they never have a long-term plan for the state, just election-year gimmicks and partisanship.

WTHR: Lawmaker proposes another tax refund for Hoosiers as gas prices soar

From the gas station to the grocery store and every place in between, Hoosiers are paying more and they’re feeling it.

Gas prices are expected to go even higher this summer.

As lawmakers debate how to provide relief, Austin said Indiana is sitting on a projected $6 billion surplus, and Hoosiers should get a share of that back.

Austin and fellow Democrats have been pushing to suspend Indiana’s gas tax, but the Republican majority hasn’t budged.

Bray instead pointed to the billion dollars in tax cuts lawmakers approved during their last legislative session, including $125 automatic taxpayer refund checks. Legislators also eliminated the utility receipts tax and voted to reduce the individual income tax.

“[But] I would remind people that the income tax reduction doesn’t fully take effect until, what is it, 2029?” Austin said. “People can’t wait that long.”

Austin said the state can afford to do more now — in the form of another automatic refund.

“Even if we end up giving people $300 to $500. Say we break it up into two payments spread over three to six months,” she said.

“This should not be a partisan issue,” said Austin. “We know [Hoosiers] are hurting and they deserve a solution.”

Last week, Gov. Eric Holcomb said he was working on an “inflationary relief plan” but didn’t provide details.


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