Indiana Democrats Stand in Solidarity With the UAW and Hoosier Autoworkers


INDIANAPOLIS — UAW President Shawn Fain, originally from Kokomo, today announced it is expanding its Stand Up Strike to 38 more locals. The Indiana Democratic Party released the following statement in support of the UAW and its workers on strike for better futures for Hoosier families and communities from Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl

“The Indiana Democratic Party stands in solidarity with the UAW and the tens of thousands of autoworkers on strike across the country. Workers are meeting the moment across the Midwest, including in Indiana, standing together for fair wages, stronger communities, and to take on corporate profits.”

“After raking in over $250 billion in profit in the past decade, it’s long past time for American autoworkers to get their share of the profits. Instead, the Big Three have awarded their executives large raises, and let worker pay fall behind inflation. It’s unacceptable — and it’s time for the companies to pay up.”

“Autoworkers built my hometown of South Bend, and cities across Indiana — Kokomo, Muncie, Fort Wayne, New Castle, Anderson, and more. Now, they’re building a movement to secure their future. Workers made massive concessions to save the companies just 15 short years ago. It’s time these workers get paid for their hard work and dedication.”


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