Indiana Dems launch grassroots organizing push, “Resistance Summer”


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democrats are kicking off a program to organize and recruit volunteers across the state more than a year before the 2018 elections. The Resistance Summer program will capitalize on grassroots energy generated by Donald Trump’s controversial presidency and channel it into an effort to organize at the state and local level.

“We want to build on the energy that’s risen up since President Trump’s election,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody. “This is about investing in the folks across the state that want to make a difference in their communities right now. This program will provide the tools they need to turn that desire to make change into action and will ultimately pay dividends up and down the ballot next year – and for years to come.”

The Resistance Summer program is a nationwide Democratic Party initiative designed to bolster state parties by investing in local organizing projects over the summer. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, there has been an explosion of grassroots activity opposing this administration’s controversial agenda, which prioritizes tax cuts for the rich over the needs of middle-class and working families. Trump’s attacks on working families have activated a broad coalition of Hoosiers eager to get engaged in the political process.

“Donald Trump’s divisive agenda deserves some credit for fueling this spike in civic engagement,” said Zody. “We’ve seen Hoosiers of all stripes step up to push back against Trump. Now it’s time to get organized and to keep focusing that raw energy into action. Indiana Democrats will be working to advance an agenda that improves the lives of all Hoosiers.”

The Indiana Democratic Party will work with local party organizations and other stakeholders across the state to hold events to recruit volunteers, register voters and inform Hoosiers about the issues and what’s at stake.

“Donald Trump is actively rigging the system against working families and in favor of the wealthiest Americans,” said Zody. “These issues couldn’t be more important. It is about the future of our country. It is about an economy that works for all Hoosiers, not just a wealthy few. We’re going to take that message to folks and have open and candid conversations about the future direction of our state and country.”

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