Indiana GOP Are “Bad At Their Jobs”, Failing Hoosiers in Quality of Life, Workforce, and Education


Kyle Hupfer: “Kamala Harris is…bad at her job”

Under Indiana GOP’s 18-year tenure, state has earned the nation’s third-worst maternal mortality rate, an F-rated quality of life, D- rated workforce, C- rated education system, and is most polluted state in the nation

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today laughed at Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer’s F-rated attempt to attack Vice President Kamala Harris ahead of her visit to the Hoosier State. Harris will join Democrats in the effort to stop the Indiana GOP’s extremist agenda that would force mothers and children to give birth across the state. 

Hupfer described Harris as being “bad at her job”. But, the actual folks who are “bad at their jobs” in the Hoosier State: The Indiana GOP.

In the 18-years they’ve run state government, they’ve produced a failing record that’s diminished the future of Hoosier families and the entire state itself. Here’s a visual look at the Indiana Republican Party’s failures #INIndiana:

The Indiana GOP: bad at their jobs, too extreme for Hoosiers. 


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