Indiana GOP Candidates Run Away from Senate Bill 1, GOP’s Extreme Positions on Abortion 


HD 32 Candidate Fred Glynn and HD 89 Candidate and Indianapolis Councillor Michael-Paul Hart both run away from voters, won’t address the Indiana GOP making abortion against the law 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out Indiana GOP House candidates Fred Glynn and Michael-Paul Hart for dodging voters on one of the most important kitchen-table issues facing Hoosiers this election year: abortion. For Glynn, he’s shying away from his “life begins at conception” stance he used during the primary elections. And in Hart’s case, the Indianapolis City Councillor voted to abstain from a resolution in support of abortion access and refered to abortion as a “state issue” – despite challenging Mitch Gore for Indiana House District 89.

Glynn and Hart are joining a national trend of Republicans distancing themselves from their party’s extreme stance on abortion following the historic vote in Kansas where a large majority of voters rejected the GOP’s agenda to make abortion against the law. It’s time Indiana GOP candidates for office – from Fred Glynn and Michael-Paul Hart to Todd Young and Jennifer-Ruth Green – disclose their position on abortion immediately. 

Why did Fred Glynn wipe his “life begins at conception” stance from his campaign website? 

If abortion is a “state issue”, when will Michael-Paul Hart publicly disclose his position on abortion as a candidate for Indiana House District 89?

Why do Todd Young and Jennifer-Ruth Green support outlawing all forms of abortions – with no exceptions? 

Here’s a look at how the Indiana GOP’s statehouse candidates are tweaking their extremist views on abortion: 

Fred Glynn, Indiana House District 32 Candidate, wipes campaign website showing his “life begins at conception” stance

Fred Glynn’s campaign pages following the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Glynn’s abortion stance has since been wiped from his campaign websites. 

From Glynn’s old campaign site on July 20, 2022

From Glynn’s new campaign website on July 21, 2022

BONUS – Fred Glynn has ties and support from two extremist organizations, Hoosier Family Action and Students for Life 

Michael-Paul Hart votes to abstain from Indianapolis City Council resolution honoring a woman’s right to an abortion

Michael-Paul Hart voted to abstain from the Indy Council’s resolution, calling it a “state issue”. 

But…Hart is challenging State Rep. Mitch Gore for Indiana House District 89.

Michael-Paul Hart’s campaign Facebook page. 


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