Indiana GOP Leaders Continue to Support Man That Condones Sexual Assault on Women


Associated Press: “No prominent Republican officials in Indiana have publicly retracted their support for Trump.”

INDIANAPOLIS – Tuesday morning was the chance for leaders within the Indiana Republican Party to renounce Donald Trump and his lewd comments against women, including condoning sexual assault.

But instead, Eric Holcomb, Todd Young, Susan Brooks, Jackie Walorski, Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth, and others put party over country by choosing to either hide from the press or publicly continue their support for Donald Trump.

Simply put, these Republicans put political calculations and their ideology ahead of Hoosier Common Sense.

Indiana GOP Leaders Who Failed to Renounce Donald Trump

Eric Holcomb: “…always been my intention to support Trump

Congressman Todd Young: “I intend to support him

Congresswoman Susan Brooks: “she’s standing by her pledge to support the Republican nominee

Congresswoman Walorski: “mum on Trump

Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth: Remains Silent


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Associated Press: “No prominent Republican officials in Indiana have publicly retracted their support for Trump.”

Bloomington Herald-Times: “Democrats pressure Indiana GOP to renounce Trump”

IndyStar: “Indiana Democrats seek to exploit GOP’s Trump dilemma”

“Indiana Democrats on Tuesday blasted Republicans for refusing to withdraw support from Donald Trump in an effort to increase pressure on GOP candidates in down-ballot races.” […]

“Zody said Republicans should be ‘ashamed of themselves’ for sticking with Trump after months of controversial statements.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Indiana Democratic chief blasts state GOP leaders for sticking by Trump”

The chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party chastised Hoosier Republican officeholders and candidates on Tuesday for their continued support for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.” […]

Zody said state Republican officials, including those in Congress, ‘should be ashamed of themselves’ for continuing to approve of Trump’s candidacy despite his remarks about women. He said those officials are ‘putting party over country.’”

Indiana Public Media: “Indiana Democrats Attack GOP ‘Failure’ To Unendorse Trump”

“Democrats say Indiana Republicans are putting party over country by refusing to withdraw support for presidential candidate Donald Trump over his remarks about sexually assaulting women.

“But almost all of those same candidates say they’ll continue supporting Trump in his presidential bid. State Democratic Party Chair John Zody says that continued support shouldn’t be tolerated.”

Statehouse File: “Democrats pressure GOP to stop backing Trump”

WIBC: “Democrats Renew Dare to Indiana Republicans to Renounce Trump Support”



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