Indiana GOP Sides With Big Pharma Over Union Jobs, Lower Drug Costs, Secured Supply Chains


Six Republicans in Indiana’s Congressional delegation voted against a bill that is designed to make America more competitive with China, combat global inflation, create jobs in the U.S., and help lower the price of goods

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized Indiana Republicans in Congress for their “NO” vote against the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, which will create jobs in America, secure our domestic supply chains, and lower prescription drug costs for families – including Hoosiers – across the nation. Mike Braun, Jim Banks, Dr. Larry Bucshon, Greg Pence, Victoria Spartz, and Jackie Walorski all put the Indiana GOP’s extremist agenda before creating this better future for the Hoosier State. 

“With today’s vote, the Indiana GOP have made it official – they’ll side with anyone, even China, before for the Hoosier worker. The CHIPS and Science Act is a popular, bipartisan bill that will combat global inflation, create jobs, and make Indiana and the United States less dependent on China, but politicians like Mike Braun, Dr. Larry Bucshon, and Victoria Spartz are so extreme that they’d rather try and score political points than strengthen our economy – Hoosier families deserve better,” said Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. 

According to the Washington Post, the bill that Indiana Republicans voted against today, “would provide $52 billion in subsidies to domestic semiconductor manufacturers…in a bid to strengthen the United States’ competitiveness and self-reliance in what is seen as a keystone industry for economic and national security.” Incentivizing the manufacture of computer chips in America and being less dependent on China for them will help to lower the cost of everything from cars to household appliances that these chips are used in, and protect our national security by working to ensure we aren’t relying on China and other countries for these critical components. 


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