Indiana GOP still clutches to Wynn’s money despite resigning from his own company over sexual assault claims


INDIANAPOLIS – Steve Wynn resigned as Chairman and CEO of his company last night in the wake of the allegations of serial sexual abuse, but that still isn’t enough for the Indiana Republican Party to donate the $10,000 check it received from the GOP megadonor.

Wynn finally stepped down from his own company a week and a half after the Wall Street Journal reported years of Wynn’s exploitation of his own power to commit sexual misconduct. Wynn has now broken ties to virtually every institution he was once connected to: he resigned from his post as the RNC finance chairman, left the company he founded, and even been rebuked by many Republicans who said they’d donate the money he gave to them.

The fallout has impacted GOP campaigns and institutions, with several moving to divest campaign contributions from the 2016 cycle and beyond that came from Wynn. One notable exception to that is the Indiana Republican Party, which has vowed to hang onto the $10,000 contribution Wynn made in 2016. That announcement, however, came before Wynn decided to step down.

“You’d think that if Steve Wynn’s conduct was bad enough for him to resign from the company he built, it ought to be bad enough for the Indiana GOP and its leadership to show solidarity with victims of sexual assault and give back his check,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Now that Wynn has resigned from his company in a tacit admission of guilt, will the Indiana Republican Party join fellow GOPers and realize that holding onto Wynn’s tainted cash simply isn’t tenable? Or will they continue their shameful practice of holding onto contributions contributed by an alleged sexual assaulter?”


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