Indiana GOP Talks “Bidenflation” But Created Low-Wage, F-Rated State Workforce on Families


Indiana GOP: “Joe Biden’s economic agenda continues to harm Americans’ pocketbooks”

IndyStar: “Indiana is underperforming the nation by most metrics, it caters too much to low-paying jobs…”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out the Indiana Republican Party for using President Joe Biden to scapegoat the F-rated workforce they created for the state. In a tweet yesterday, Republicans claimed Biden “continues to harm Americans’ pocketbooks”, but it is the economy and workforce created by the Indiana GOP that is making global inflation worse on Hoosier families. In fact, an IndyStar column published *the day before* the tweet described the Indiana GOP’s partisanship on education and the workforce as “pushing Indiana toward an economic crisis”. 

So either the Indiana GOP doesn’t read the news, or they are trying to distract Hoosiers from their own faults. 

The Indiana GOP’s 2022 election strategy is trying to have it both ways on the economy, because they know they have no plans for Indiana’s future – just extreme partisanship. 

In contrast, Indiana Democrats are creating a better economic future for Hoosier families. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act, livable-wage jobs are returning to the Hoosier State. Statehouse Democrats called to temporarily pause the gas tax, which would fight global inflation and decrease the cost at the pump. Also, Democrats are making organized labor a priority, and at the statehouse, leaders like Eddie Melton are calling for an increase to the minimum wage. Hoosier workers are at the core of Democrats’ economic plan, and it’s why they will crisscross the state to share how Joe Biden and Democrats delivered the kitchen-table issues that matter most.

As for the Indiana GOP: no plans – just partisanship. 

SHOT – Indiana GOP: “Joe Biden’s economic agenda continues to harm Americans’ pocketbooks”

Indiana GOP: “The latest jobs report revealed that Joe Biden’s economic agenda continues to harm Americans’ pocketbooks, as #Bidenflation continues to wipe out wage gains.” 

CHASER – Indiana GOP Created an F-rated Workforce, Partisanship “Pushing Indiana Toward an Economic Crisis”

IndyStar: Indiana is a college degree desert and the economy is wilting

Ten years ago, Mitch Daniels set an ambitious goal: Double the number of degrees and certificates awarded by Indiana colleges so that 60% of adults have a postsecondary credential by 2025. […]

By Indiana’s own standard, the state is going to fall far short of Daniels’ 2025 benchmark, even when giving credit for almost every kind of certificate under the sun.

The state’s inability to educate children — and to entice college students to stay after they graduate — is pushing Indiana toward an economic crisis, which, so far, has been masked by low unemployment. But a reckoning is looming. Before long, the governor — whether it’s Holcomb or a successor — and the Indiana General Assembly are going to have to act with urgency to educate the state or it is going to slide into the abyss. […]

…Indiana is underperforming the nation by most metrics, it caters too much to low-paying jobs and does not do enough to educate citizens or attract new residents with college degrees. 

…Hicks sums up the decade in one sentence: “In short, the low-tax, policies pursued from 2010 through 2019 failed to produce broad economic growth.” […]

“In the end, Indiana built its sandbox, but not very many people or businesses want to play in it, and the ones who do don’t have much money,” Renn writes. “The state attracts few new residents on net, and the businesses that are locating there are predominantly low-wage employers taking advantage of the state’s lower-skilled, poorly paid workforce.”

Renn, too, traces these problems to education and puts that into historical context.

“Indiana’s poor educational attainment mostly explains its poor showing in per capita income. Unsurprisingly, the state has always been poorly educated,” he writes. […]


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