Indiana GOP Ticket Would Throw Indiana Into Reverse


INDIANAPOLIS – John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after the Indiana Republican Party finalized their out-of-touch ticket that would only continue to move Indiana in the wrong direction.

“With a governor who has put the state’s reputations and economy in jeopardy, a trained attack dog as a lieutenant governor, a never at fault U.S. Senate candidate, and an out-of-touch delegation that had pushed a radical social agenda, the Indiana Republican Party is aiming to throw the state backward. This ticket makes clear the choice Hoosiers have this November. Do they want to go back to the same failed policies that caused our wages to plummet, caused a $250 million economic panic, and bruised the state’s welcoming image or is it time to elect leaders who will use some Hoosier Commonsense by prioritizing the well-being of Hoosier families? Most importantly, do Hoosiers want opportunities that will lead them into the 21st Century or vault them in reverse? With Statehouse Republicans, Hoosiers will continue to fall further behind the rest of the nation – and it’s why our Democratic candidates are the best choice in November.”


Let’s elect more Hoosier Democrats
We can't sit this one out.