Indiana GOP’s New “Results Over Rhetoric” Tour? Total BS.


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out the Indiana Republican Party for being complete hypocrites with their closing “Results Over Rhetoric” message. 

According to the Indiana GOP, these are the “results” they’ve created for Hoosiers:

So despite campaigning against gas prices and global inflation, the Indiana GOP has delivered hollow rhetoric and has only made matters worse for Hoosier families.

In contrast, here are the “results” delivered by Democrats: 

  • Veterans: Life-saving health care for veterans – twice (PACT Act)
  • Global Inflation: An all-around effort to combat global inflation (Inflation Reduction Act)
  • Prescription Drug Costs: Lower prescription drug and health care costs for seniors (Inflation Reduction Act)
  • Insulin Costs: Capping insulin costs at $35
  • Climate Change: the largest fight to climate change in USA history (Inflation Reduction Act)
  • Big Business Accountability: Making big corporations pay their fair share (Inflation Reduction Act)
  • Gun Safety reform
  • Diaper tax reform

The American Rescue Plan ( 

  • State and Local Fiscal Support: About $5.8 billion was delivered to Indiana and its cities and towns to help our communities recover lost revenue and build better opportunities for our families. 
  • Construction Projects: Approximately $550 million for planned projects and $900 million for future construction projects across Indiana. 
  • Funds for K-12 Schools: More than $2 billion for Indiana’s schools to update facilities like ventilation systems.
  • Pay Raise for Educators: Delivered a well-deserved raise for state educators. 
  • Broadband: More than $250 million for broadband internet expansion across Indiana. This investment serves as a foundation of the upcoming American Jobs Plan (see below). 
  • Rural Broadband: An additional $187 million is being provided to target expanding broadband access in rural communities. 
  • READI: About $500 million to fully-fund the state’s regional economic development program. 
  • Law Enforcement: More than $350 billion in investments to help recruit new police officers and fight crime across the nation. 
  • Childcare: Approximately $540 million to help fight Indiana’s childcare crisis, delivering pay raises for workers and funding to update facilities. 
  • Water Infrastructure: About $160 million for water infrastructure projects. 
  • Home Security: About $167 million will be used to help homeowners catch up on mortgage, insurance, and property tax payments.
  • Relief Checks: More than 91-percent of all Hoosier adults received a $1,400 relief check to help make ends meet during the pandemic.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act ( 

  • Roads and Bridges: About $7 billion will be delivered to Indiana to assist with repairs to roads and bridges in all 92 counties
  • Public Transportation: Indiana will be provided about $680 million to improve public transportation systems in cities across the state
  • Broadband: The state will receive about $100 million for broadband internet expansion. This investment is in addition to the $250 million provided by the American Rescue Plan
  • Clean Water: Indiana will receive about $751 million to revitalize the state’s water infrastructure system, delivering safe and clean drinking water to all Hoosiers no matter the Zip code
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Network: Indiana will receive more than $100 million to help expand Governor Holcomb’s existing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network.
  • Extreme Weather: About $20 million will be provided to Indiana to help address extreme weather events that could happen in the state due to climate change.


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