Indiana Republican Leaders Support President Biden’s American Jobs Plan


WISH-TV: “6 mayors from Indiana (Indianapolis, Carmel, Lawrence, Bloomington, Gary, Fort Wayne) sign letter announcing support of bipartisan infrastructure deal”

Republican mayors join bipartisan infrastructure effort as state INGOP crack jokes about creating its “work more for less” economy

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today praised the growing support for President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan from leaders within the…Indiana Republican Party. That’s no typo because Republican Mayors Jim Brainard (Carmel) and Steve Collier (Lawrence) signed onto a letter by the U.S. Conference of Mayors yesterday in support of the infrastructure proposal that would repair crumbling roads, fix deficient bridges, and expand broadband internet access across the nation — including for Indiana. Brainard and Collier now join more than 41-percent of Republican voters who support the American Jobs Plan and the opportunity to help Indiana create a better future for Hoosier families. 

In fact, this sign of bipartisanship is welcoming as it’s become clear the Indiana Republican Party organization would rather deliver jokes about their “work more for less” economy than deliver better opportunity for Hoosier workers. While the INGOP celebrates their economy which saw more “good jobs” leave the state than come in, Democrats are set to solve Indiana’s ongoing worker shortage by passing the American Jobs Plan. This upcoming legislation will create liveable wage jobs, dismantle the INGOP’s “right to work” laws, and revitalize Indiana’s infrastructure system – including broadband internet, childcare, and health care for Indiana’s 400,000+ veterans. 

Democrats will deliver on the Jobs Plan just like they did for the American Rescue Plan, and sadly, the Indiana Republican Party looks to deliver extreme partisanship and lame jokes that disrespect the Hoosier worker. 

Indiana Republican Leaders Join Bipartisan Deal for American Jobs Plan

WISH-TV: 6 mayors from Indiana (Indianapolis, Carmel, Lawrence, Bloomington, Gary, Fort Wayne) sign letter announcing support of bipartisan infrastructure deal

Indiana Public Media: “Two of those six are Republicans.”

State INGOP Crack Jokes About Creating a “Work More for Less” Economy

Indiana Republican Party: “Hey, @TexasGOP we know what it’s like when Democrats abandon their responsibilities and break quorum. Halting the state legislative process and using taxpayer money to go on vacation is an abuse of office.”

Kyle Hupfer, INGOP Chairman: “Texas Democrats should have reached out to former Indiana House Speaker Pat Bauer and @INDems and asked them how their walkout in Indiana worked. #RepublicanSuperMajorities.” 

FACT: Indiana lost more ‘good’ jobs than it gained, study says

“…Indiana added more than 181,000 new low-paying jobs during that time while losing nearly 104,000 middle-wage jobs.”


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