Indiana Republicans Driving Government to Brink of Shutdown


INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Republicans in Congress are driving our country closer and closer to a government shutdown with Sunday’s deadline looming.

“Our country is headed toward a government shutdown that would directly impact the paychecks of thousands of Hoosier families, and Republicans are not serious about averting this crisis,” Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl said. “Even with a deadline looming, Jim Banks and Mike Braun are leading efforts to block military promotions, which are damaging military readiness, instead of working to protect the pay of active duty troops. Every government shutdown over the last 30 years has occurred under a Republican House — and they are once again to blame for this crisis.

“Hoosiers deserve leaders focused on protecting working families and our active duty service members, not those who threaten their pay to score political points with the right-wing base.”

In the Senate, Mike Braun is opposing a bipartisan agreement to fund the government. Any shutdown would lead to over 1 million active-duty troops having to go without pay to keep us safe.

Instead of meaningfully working to avoid a shutdown for thousands of Hoosier workers, Braun helped Tommy Tuberville try to block the appointment of Charles “CQ” Brown as Joint Chiefs Chairman. 

Brown is a decorated career fighter pilot that has given his selfless lifelong service to the country. Braun is damaging military readiness instead of working to save their paychecks.

On the House side, Indiana Republicans are caught in the constant infighting of the GOP caucus that is spiraling the country toward shutdown. Kevin McCarthy has lent the last week trying to control his caucus as they put culture wars above common sense.

Jim Banks and 92 other Republicans sided with Putin in voting to prohibit any and all aid going to Ukraine. Erin Houchin also voted for the Matt Gaetz-led amendment.

Hoosiers know that this will only damage our national security standing. We cannot give in to Putin, and give up on our allies like Jim Banks wants us to do.


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