Indiana Republicans Need to Denounce Moms For Liberty, Group Quoting Hitler in Newsletter


The Hamilton County chapter of Moms For Liberty quoted Adolf Hitler on the front page of their most recent monthly newsletter.

The group, founded in 2021, and listed as an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has gained support from Indiana Republican officials. This includes Attorney General Todd Rokita, who praised the group in social media posts earlier this month.

With the recent use of Hitler’s words for their agenda, the Indiana Democratic Party calls on every Republican in Hamilton County to join Carmel Democratic mayoral candidate Miles Nelson in denouncing Moms For Liberty immediately.

Nelson commented on the group’s actions: “As a man of devout Jewish faith and a parent concerned about our kids’ education, this hate speech has no place in our community. Councilor Finkam has refused to comment on issues related to our schools throughout this entire campaign, but I’m hopeful the inflammatory rhetoric of the former Nazi leader would call her to act in condemning this organization.”

Carmel Republican mayoral nominee Sue Finkam should join Miles and denounce this hateful language used by one of the worst dictators in history.

“Hamilton County voters know extremism. It’s why the Republican Party’s lurch to the right has made it one of the fastest trending places in the country toward Democrats. Carmel residents don’t stand for rhetoric from Nazis and we call on Councilor Finkam to join Councilor Nelson in rejecting this hateful language. Hate groups have no place in the future of Carmel, or Indiana,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl.

Moms For Liberty’s newsletter also spewed hateful remarks about Hamilton County’s LGBTQ+ community, and Carmel’s upcoming Pride festivities.

Indianapolis Star 6.21: “Page 4 of the Parent Brigade included a mention of Carmel High School. The newsletter decried the school’s recent $10,000 award from the “It Gets Better Project,” a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ youth around the globe.

Money awarded to Carmel High School will be used to produce community-wide Pride events at the Carmel Pride festival happening June 25 at Carter Green.

The Parent Brigade newsletter also called out sponsors of Carmel Pride, labeling the event ‘perversion.’”


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