Indiana’s Crumbling Infrastructure Hurts State Economy



INDIANAPOLIS – The Mike Pence-Eric Holcomb Administration has ignored and mismanaged Indiana’s crumbling infrastructure, just like so many other problems that exist in state government. While Indiana’s roads are crumbling before our eyes, they seem more focused on pursuing an ideological political agenda.

Indiana’s D+ rated infrastructure woes have been illustrated by debacles such as the I-65 Bridge closure, but Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb’s late-to-the-game approach on our infrastructure has led to our economy falling behind once again. What’s more – the state’s $71 million waste on faulty asphalt and the more than 1,700 deficient bridges has created more road slide offs and bridge closures across the state – leaving many wondering what the current administration’s plan is for a fix.

“The Pence-Holcomb Administration’s late-to-the-game approach to address the state’s infrastructure has left us with $71 million in faulty asphalt, more than 1,700 deficient bridges, and only a short-term plan that would temporarily fix this mess,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “This problem has led to economically crippling issues like the I-65 Bridge closure, and Hoosiers are tired of having its ‘Crossroads of America’ reputation placed in jeopardy. Pence-Holcomb have shown no long-term vision to fix this problem.”


Faulty Asphalt

HEADLINE: INDOT probes $71M crumbling road mystery. [Indy Star, 9/21/15]

Nearly 200 Recent Road Projects Could Crack and Crumble Years Ahead of Schedule. “Nearly 200 recent road projects across the state could crack and crumble years ahead of schedule because of critical mistakes contractors made mixing asphalt.” [Indy Star, 9/21/15]

State Officials Tested $71 Million in Pavement Proejcts to Uncover Flaws. “State transportation officials are testing samples from $71 million in pavement projects in state laboratories to uncover flaws in the asphalt mix. They suspect contractors are using insufficient amounts of the sticky petroleum binder that holds asphalt together. Others, however, suggest the state’s call to use more recycled asphalt could be the culprit.” [Indy Star, 9/21/15]

I-65 Bridge Closure

HEADLINE: I-65 Bridge Closed Until Mid September. [Indy Star, 9/15/15]

Long-Term Closure Followed Previous 28-Hour Shutdown. “Northbound I-65 from Lebanon to Lafayette has been closed since Aug. 7, when engineers noticed one end of the center bridge pier had sunk 9 inches. The long-term closure followed a previous 28-hour shutdown so steel supports could be installed to stabilize the bridge after unusual movement was observed Aug. 4.” [Indy Star, 9/15/15]

Pence Defended His Administration’s Handling of I-65 Shutdown. “Pence has also defended his administration’s handling of the I-65 shutdown, noting that new construction — not neglect — caused the northbound bridge over Wildcat Creek near Lafayette to sink more than a foot.” [Indy Star, 10/13/15]


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