Indiana’s election system is “especially vulnerable”


Meanwhile, IN GOP delegation unanimously voted down additional election security resources

INDIANAPOLIS – Last Monday, members of Indiana’s Republican Congressional delegation were talking tough on Russian meddling and defending DNI Dan Coats. But by Thursday, every GOP House member voted against a proposal to bolster states’ efforts to harden their election systems. Why does it matter? Indiana is one of the most vulnerable states to election system attacks according to a new report.

FROM WLWT 5 Congressional report lists Indiana as vulnerable to election system attack

“According to a congressional report published this month, the election system in the Hoosier state is especially vulnerable.

“The report lists Indiana as one of a dozen states that either only use voting machines that don’t have voter-verifiable paper trails or use a mix of machines, with a trail and without.

“The report also states Indiana, “does not require robust post-election audits, and does not require pre-election logic and accuracy testing on all voting machines.”

“Last week, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson sent a letter to the commission, outlining how the money will be spent, though Lawson noted the federal dollars won’t be enough to replace voting machines that don’t have voter-verified paper trails.

“According to one estimate, Indiana will need to spend more than $22 million to replace paperless voting machines that are in use throughout the state.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody questioned Indiana Republicans’ election security disappearing act.

“Republicans like Rep. Susan Brooks and Rep. Jackie Walorski talked tough on election security, but when it came time for them and other Republicans to back up their rhetoric, they quietly voted against action,” said Zody. “The alarm bells are ringing. Secretary Lawson’s election security strategy appears to be ‘cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t happen again’. That’s not good enough.”



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