INGOP Calls American Jobs Plan a “Socialist Wish List” Despite Plan Delivering for Veterans, Workers, and Rural Hoosiers


The Jobs Plan will expand broadband access across Indiana, an issue Hoosier Republicans were quick to support two weeks ago (after taking dollars from the American Rescue Plan)

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today slammed the Indiana Republican Party for characterizing policy ideas like improving the Department of Veterans Affairs, dissolving childcare deserts for Hoosier families, and expanding broadband access across Indiana as a “socialist wish list” for the Democratic Party. All these policies are a part of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, and Indiana Republicans are only opposed to these common-sense policy measures because of their extreme partisanship. 

It should be lost on no one that barely two weeks ago, the Indiana Republican Party embraced pieces of this “socialist wish list” by budgeting $250 million for broadband internet expansion projects across the state, all thanks to the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan. 

Tweet by the Indiana Republican Party on May 3,2021 

But this is the reality of the Indiana Republican Party. They would rather abide by a rigid, extreme partisan agenda than actually deliver for Indiana and its families. It’s why the entire Indiana Republican Congressional delegation voted “no” on the American Rescue Plan, and it’s why they’ve signaled their opposition to the American Jobs Plan. If any policy has President Biden’s name attached to it, the INGOP made it clear they will say “no”. 

Republicans can go by their outdated partisan litmus test while the Indiana Democratic Party will continue to deliver for Hoosier families. Already, Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan, Jr. secured $1,400 checks to 91-percent of Hoosiers and $5.8 billion to the state and its communities through the Rescue Plan. This work will continue when both congressmen support the Jobs Plan, because it’ll revitalize Indiana’s infrastructure, strengthen union jobs, and provide better opportunities for all Hoosiers — regardless of where they live. 


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