INGOP Fails to Give Credit to American Rescue Plan for $250 Million in Broadband Expansion, $500 Million Construction Projects Across Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out the Indiana Republican Party for its failure to tell the truth behind some of the state’s recent investments across the state. Thanks to President Joe Biden and Indiana Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, more than $250 million will be used to expand broadband internet with another $500 million will be allocated for construction projects. But for Indiana Republicans, they have chosen to send mailers to voters omitting this very fact, choosing instead to tout the success as their own — despite not a single Congressional Republican voting for the Rescue Plan itself. 

Indiana Republicans are trying to have it both ways on the Rescue Plan, as the realization sets in that the law is largely popular with voters and is helping the state put COVID-19 firmly in the rearview mirror. In fact, this kind of extreme partisanship by the INGOP is not just preventing Indiana from reaching its full potential, it’s also harming the future of Hoosier families in the process. 

This is why the Indiana Democratic Party has embarked on its statewide American Rescue Plan Tour throughout the month of June. Democrats know the Indiana Republican Party’s hollow partisanship will stop at nothing to mislead Hoosiers, and it’s why leaders like Joe Donnelly, John Gregg, and Jennifer McCormick are crisscrossing the state to sell the direct relief the Rescue Plan is providing the state and its communities ($5.8 billion), to Indiana schools ($2 billion), and to Hoosier families ($1,400 relief checks). 

Here’s how far the Indiana Republican Party is willing to go to keep the American Rescue Plan out of their mouths: 

Mailer sent to constituents of State Senator Jon Ford – District 38

Mailer sent to constituents of State Senator Michael Crider – District 28


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