INGOP Loses Its Identity (and Sanity) with Anti-Vaxx Crusade


Fort Wayne Journal Gazette editorial: “The request to stop the IU rule is an abrupt about-face for many who signed the letter and earlier worked to push back against the governor’s authority to unilaterally decide on actions such as mask mandates and limiting public gatherings”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized the Indiana Republican Party for continuing their manufactured crusade against public health and well-being — all in the hopes of appealing to a crowd that doesn’t believe in science or facts. Indiana Speaker Todd Huston and a large majority of the Indiana Senate Republicans were the latest to join Todd Rokita and House Republicans in an anti-vaxx effort that is described as “far fetched” and won’t hold up in the courts. The INGOP’s political posturing is extremely partisan and unhealthy, and it’s holding Indiana back in the process. 

“The Indiana Republican Party only seems to care about bickering amongst themselves, wasting taxpayer dollars, and playing a measuring game that in any other setting would have them become the laughing stock of a community,” said Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Indiana Republicans can keep up their intraparty fights while Democrats get to work on building a better future for our state and our families. Democrats value action and solutions over dangerous rhetoric on any day of the week.”

Indiana Democrats are fed up with the Republicans’ political nonsense, and it’s why the Party and its elected leaders are ready to hit the road to sell President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Indiana Republicans will still be the party of “no” and use misinformation any chance they get, but they’ll quickly be forgotten once Hoosiers learn about the opportunity Democrats are delivering for them when it is needed most. 

Here’s how ridiculous the Indiana Republican Party has become:

Tweet by Eric Berman, WIBC

Tweet by Niki Kelly, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette


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