INGOP Once Again Embattled in Public Civil War, Democrats Ready to Deliver American Jobs Plan for Indiana


The Hill: “The move comes amid a battle between Holcomb and Republicans in the state over the governor’s emergency powers, with Holcomb last week filing a lawsuit against the legislature.”

ICYMI: INGOP Calls American Jobs Plan a “Socialist Wish List” Despite Plan Delivering for Veterans, Workers, and Rural Hoosiers

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today expressed disappointment with the Indiana Republican Party for engaging in another public feud over their tone-deaf agenda. Yesterday, Governor Holcomb vetoed Senate Bill 5, which would have blocked local health officials from superseding state guidelines during health emergencies. Holcomb’s veto is likely to be overridden by the Indiana General Assembly’s GOP-supermajority and would mark the third time in a calendar year where state Republicans forced their extreme partisanship onto our state government.

Should the Republican-supermajority override Governor Holcomb’s veto, it would further prove how much of a lame duck Indiana governor’s has become — just six months after his reelection. 

In contrast, Indiana Democrats will keep their focus on passing President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan. This once-in-a-generation proposal would create good-paying jobs in order to expand broadband internet across Indiana, improve healthcare access for Indiana’s 409,000 veterans, and strengthen worker protections via the PRO Act — all measures the Indiana Republican Party described as a “socialist wish list”. It’s clear Indiana Republicans will continue to abide by their extreme partisanship, and it’ll be the Democrats who step up and deliver for Indiana by creating better opportunities for its families. 

Here’s how the INGOP’s public civil war is playing out: 

Indiana Public Media: Holcomb Vetoes Bill Tying Hands Of Local Health Officials During Emergencies

Associated Press: Governor vetoes bill limiting local health orders

“The Republican governor wrote in a veto message that the ability of local health officials to act quickly has been critical to the state’s COVID-19 response. The governor said he believed it was ‘prudent to avoid any unnecessary disruption or wholesale changes to our existing local public health authorities.'” […]

Legislative Republican supporters said the bill was meant to provide a “check and balance” protecting the rights of business owners after complaints about COVID-19 orders closing or limiting businesses.”

WPTA (Fort Wayne): Holcomb vetos bill limiting actions of local health officials

The Hill: Indiana governor vetoes legislation curbing local health orders

“The move comes amid a battle between Holcomb and Republicans in the state over the governor’s emergency powers, with Holcomb last week filing a lawsuit against the legislature.”

IndyStar: Holcomb rejects bill limiting local health department actions in third veto of session

Indianapolis Business Journal: Holcomb vetoes bill that would cut power of local health officials

“In another pushback against fellow Republicans, Gov. Eric Holcomb vetoed a bill on Tuesday that he said would have hampered the ability of local health officials to respond to emergencies.”

CBS 2 (Chicago): Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Vetoes Legislation Local Health Officials’ Emergency Powers

WISH (Indianapolis): Holcomb vetoes bill designed to let local officials adjust emergency health orders

The Columbus Republic: Holcomb vetoes Senate Bill 5, which deals with public health orders during emergencies


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