INGOP to Call Broadband, Roads and Bridges, Clean Water “Socialism” for 2022 and 2024 Elections


Kyle Hupfer, Todd Young, Jackie Walorski, Larry Bucshon and others describe issues they’ve campaigned on as “socialism” 

White House Fact Sheet: What the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal means for Indiana and Hoosier families

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today asked Indiana Republicans to once again clarify why they describe issues like broadband, roads and bridges, clean water, and Governor Holcomb’s READI program as “socialism”. Not only do these investments create a better future for Hoosier families, but Republicans also have campaigned extensively on these topics across Indiana themselves. The only reason Republicans like Todd Young, Jackie Walorski, and Larry Bucson would oppose these investments would be because it’s a part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and American Rescue Plan, two laws championed by President Joe Biden and passed by Indiana Democrats like U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan — and more than 30 Republican Senators and Members of Congress. 

The Indiana Republican Party will use this extreme and partisan strategy for the 2022 and 2024 elections, and Democrats are ready to hold them accountable against this effort. 

“Indiana Republicans are so obsessed with calling Democrats ‘socialists’ that they are now campaigning against a better future for Hoosier families in all 92 counties,” said Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Democrats ask that Hoosiers call on Republican officials up-and-down the ticket to explain why they view better internet service, state-of-the-art roads and bridges, and access to clean and safe water as ‘socialism’. They won’t have an answer to it, because they are letting their partisanship guide their politics, and it’s an unfortunate bet against Indiana’s future.” 

Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer last week described these transformational investments as “socialism” in response to the INDems’ ongoing “Small Town, Indiana” tour. Hupfer’s statement is a symptom of the overall Indiana Republican Party’s extreme partisanship and overall strategy to define any success coming out of the Biden Administration as “socialism”. In fact, a large majority of INGOP elected officials this year alone has used this term, even if it meant slamming Governor Eric Holcomb’s READI and broadband expansion efforts back home (the Rescue Plan paid for these programs). 

Here’s a look at what Indiana Republicans view as “socialism”:

U.S. Senator Todd Young: “Republicans have stood up to socialism again and again. We must continue to do so by opposing this reckless tax-and-spend bill.”

Also Todd Young: “As the Crossroads of America, Indiana understands the need for federal investment in our crumbling infrastructure, especially with nearly 5,500 miles of Hoosier highways in poor condition.” 

U.S. Senator Mike Braun: “Regardless of what bipartisan negotiators come up with to attempt to pay for this deal, this is a bait-and-switch by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and any Republican who falls for it is giving Bernie and AOC the keys to drive through their radical socialist agenda.”

Also Mike Braun: “The senator said three top issues he consistently hears about are rural broadband, workforce development and affordable housing. He said broadband now is considered infrastructure right along with roads, bridges, rail, air travel and internal waterways.” 

U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski: As Hoosier families face the devastating ramifications of President Biden’s inflation and supply chain crises, the Democrats’ socialist tax and spend scheme is astonishingly out of touch with the American people.”

Also Jackie Walorski: “There is bipartisan agreement that we need to take action to improve our nation’s infrastructure.” 

U.S. Congressman Jim Banks: “Democrats who control the House, Senate & White House are working so hard to blame Republicans for failing to raise the debt limit to pay for their radical socialist agenda…

Also Jim Banks: “@RepJimBanks met with INFB members in Jay County this afternoon. Barry Miller, Jay County Farm Bureau president, hosted the meeting at his farm. Topics of discussion included the stepped-up basis, labor issues, broadband access, Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) and more.” 

U.S. Congressman Jim Baird: “Despite claims from Speaker Pelosi that the Senate infrastructure bill and reconciliation package are not linked, the repeated delays since its Senate passage continue to demonstrate that today’s vote is to pave the way for her real priority – the multi-trillion dollar socialist spending spree…

Also Jim Baird: “Too many in our rural communities have experienced the challenges associated with a lack of broadband access. I cosponsored the Broadband for Rural America Act to facilitate the deployment of reliable broadband for rural Hoosier families and businesses.” 

U.S. Congressman Greg Pence: “I won’t support this socialist agenda that threatens our Hoosier way of life.”

Also Greg Pence: “Great roundtable with @SenToddYoung at @NineStarConnect today discussing the needs of rural broadband and utilities. NineStar Connect does fantastic work for Hancock County and the surrounding communities. Thanks to Senator Young for joining us in the Sixth District!” 

U.S. Congressman Larry Bucshon: “So the POTUS has decided to blatantly lie to us in order to pass a socialist takeover of our country. This is shameful. And must be stopped. Projected cost is $3.5-4.2 trillion…”

Also Larry Bucshon: “Yesterday, I met with members of the Knox County Chamber Board of Directors in Vincennes. We discussed issues facing small businesses in Knox County like employment shortages, rural broadband coverage, and what I can do in Congress to support them.” 


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