INGOP’s 2022 Session Priorities: Attacking Indiana’s Businesses, Children, and Public Schools


Indiana Republicans are copy/pasting a national strategy aimed at infusing unnecessary culture wars over delivering solutions for Indiana families

INGOP’s priorities show a form of extreme partisanship that’s bad for business, bad for Hoosiers 

Anderson Herald-Bulletin: “If Indiana conservatives feel that the federal government is overreaching in requiring Hoosiers to get vaccinated isn’t it also an overreach to declare the businesses can’t require vaccines?” 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized the Indiana Republican Party for revealing their 2022 legislative session priorities to Hoosiers that include attacking the state’s business community, villainizing innocent Indiana children, and politicizing the state’s public education system. In a survey to Hoosiers, Republicans telegraphed their intentions of making the Indiana General Assembly’s upcoming session more about extreme partisan gains than actually solving the most important issues facing Hoosier families. This strategy is already being slammed by Indiana media, questioning the “overreaching” tactics by the Republican supermajority. 

The Indiana Republicans’ 2022 legislative priorities are a part of a nationally-coordinated strategy by the overall Republican Party to invoke fear and misinformation just to win elections. Their partisanship is extreme, and it’s bad for business, bad for workers, bad for Indiana’s children, and bad for the state’s future. Here’s a sample survey (paid by taxpayers) being sent to Hoosiers across Indiana: 

Version of the Indiana Republicans’ taxpayer-funded, partisan survey to constituents 

“Indiana Republicans’s 2022 legislative and election-year strategy is only about invoking their extreme partisanship and misinformation on voters. This agenda is alarming because not only does it villainize innocent children and harm the state’s business community, Republicans are consciously dividing our families and communities to just retain power,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Voters want solutions to their most-pressing problems, and it includes getting Hoosiers vaccinated, increasing wages on the job, and creating a better future for their families. Democrats have delivered on every single issue, and it’s why Republicans are choosing to govern by fear and division rather than Hoosier Common Sense. Republicans simply have nothing to run on, and Democrats are ready for this fight.” 

Indiana Democrats have delivered for Hoosier families when it mattered most. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, Democrats created livable-wage jobs, expanded broadband internet access, fully-funded Indiana’s school system for the first time in a decade, and started solving the state’s childcare crisis. The Jobs Act – supported by only Indiana Democrats – will take investments to roads and bridges, broadband internet, and clean water to the #NextLevel. Democrats are delivering a better future for Indiana and its families while every single Indiana Republican views these once-in-a-generation investments as “socialism”. 


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