INGOP’s Top Five Lies and Extreme Partisanship Moments of The Week


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today brought to light another week of the Indiana Republican Party choosing to abide by an agenda full of lies, misinformation, and extreme partisanship. In fact, this agenda – whether it was trying to have it both ways with President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan or once again wasting taxpayer dollars with the intraparty civil war – only harms the future of Indiana and Hoosier families in the process. 

The Indiana Democratic Party in contrast has been hard at work delivering for Hoosier families. This includes Indiana Democrats celebrating the direct relief the American Rescue Plan is bringing to all of Indiana’s 92 counties and calling for Congress to pass the upcoming American Jobs Plan and the opportunity to revitalize Indiana’s infrastructure system. For Democrats, creating a better tomorrow for Hoosier families through federal-state partnerships will always come before partisan agendas. 

Here’s a look at the latest political games coming from the Indiana Republican Party this week:

Governor Holcomb succumbs to the INGOP’s extreme partisanship on COVID-19 vaccine requirements by public universities

Indiana Public Media: Holcomb Opposes COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates By Public Schools, Universities

Eric Holcomb and Todd Rokita waste more tax dollars in court, continue Indiana Republic Party’s civil war  

Indiana Public Media: Attorneys For Holcomb, Rokita Square Off In Court Over Emergency Powers Lawsuit

IndyStar: ‘We’ve never had a situation like this one’: Holcomb’s lawsuit gets its first day in court

U.S. Senator Mike Braun (and other Republicans) falsely claim Democrats are raising taxes on families, despite the INGOP voting to raise taxes on Hoosiers in 2017

INGOP on Sunday: “Thanks to Biden’s leftist tax and spending proposals…”

U.S. Senator Mike Braun on Tuesday: “President Biden claims he won’t tax the middle class, but he already has. Americans are paying for his big spending at the grocery store and the gas pump every day.”

In 2017, INGOP – including Braun – voted to raise the gas tax on Hoosier motorists 

Indiana Republicans oppose the American Rescue Plan and American Jobs Plan due to spending, despite Republicans directly adding $7.8 trillion to national debt during Trump Administration

Trey Hollingsworth op-ed: The growing national debt is concern for Hoosiers

Washington Post: “The national debt has risen by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office”

Politico: At $2.3 trillion cost, Trump tax cuts leave big gap

Statehouse Republicans send mailers to constituents touting the state’s $250 million broadband expansion project – paid for by the American Rescue Plan

Mailer sent by Republican State Senator Mike Crider – District 28


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