INGOP’s “Work More for Less” Economy Has Hurt Hoosier Families, Is Not “ A State That Works”


WISH-TV: News 8 receives 450 complaints about Indiana’s unemployment system in 2 days

Associated Press: Appeals court: Indiana must resume unemployment benefits

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out the Indiana Republican Party for sitting on the sidelines during the state’s ongoing worker shortage – where Hoosier workers were either forced to work more for less or denied unemployment benefits provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it took an order from an appellate court judge in the state government to put aside his partisanship to improve the well-being of Hoosier families. 

But, it bears repeating: this is the state of the Indiana Republican Party. They’d rather abide by their extreme, narrow-minded agenda than deliver for Hoosier families when they need help the most. The receipts even prove it as a study revealed Indiana has lost more “good jobs” than it’s taken in since 2007 – all under the Republicans’ tenure. Further, Republicans simply refuse to raise wages for the Hoosiers, and instead, rely on myths and misinformation to deny workers a much-needed raise. 

“It’s hard to believe in the Indiana Republicans’ ‘A State That Works’ motto when too many Hoosier families right now are being forced to work more for less and cannot pay for week’s groceries, afford childcare services, or keep up with bills in their homes,” said Eddie Melton, Indiana Democratic Party Deputy Chair and State Senator – District 3. “Hoosier Republicans’ choice to so easily deny Hoosiers unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic is just another example of this Party’s lack of connection with the everyday person. It’s time for them to put extreme partisanship aside and focus on the people.”

Enough is enough and it’s why the Indiana Democratic Party is launching its statewide American Jobs Plan tour in an effort to show Hoosier families that once the Jobs Plan becomes law, good-paying jobs will come back to Indiana and union workers will be respected at the workplace once again. It’s time to get serious about creating a better future for Hoosiers, and Democrats are ready to deliver on that promise. 

Here are just some of the stories Hoosiers are seeing about the Indiana Republican Party’s unwillingness to deliver relief to the state’s workforce: 

Indiana Public Media: “In another big win for unemployed Hoosiers, the Indiana Court of Appeals has denied the state’s request from the court to issue a stay on the order forcing it to provide federal unemployment benefits again.”

WISH-TV: News 8 receives 450 complaints about Indiana’s unemployment system in 2 days

“Nearly 200 of those complaints were from Hoosiers who faced demands similar to ones that News 8 last week shared with viewers: Pay back the thousands of dollars already received from the state even though you may have been eligible for it. 

Almost every single complaint sent to News 8 over the weekend told of heartbreaking struggles to survive.

Of the three women News 8 talked to on Monday, all have orders to repay the state all or most of their pandemic unemployment benefits. One common theme in the rejections: The state claims it did not receive proof of employment, even though nearly all of the woman say the information was successfully uploaded on the state’s website.”

Associated Press: Appeals court: Indiana must resume unemployment benefits

“The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the state temporarily continue payment of federal unemployment benefits, affirming an earlier court order that Indiana must restart the extra $300 weekly payments to unemployed workers.

Chief judge Cale Bradford denied a request from the state government to issue a stay on a Marion County judge’s order that Indiana must resume participation in the federal government’s programs that unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.” […]

“Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb, who has pushed to drop the state from the federal programs before they’re scheduled to end on Sept. 6, did not immediately comment Monday on the ruling.

Holcomb announced in May that Indiana would reinstate a requirement that those receiving unemployment benefits will again have to show they are actively searching for work as of June 1 and that the state would leave the federal programs effective June 19.

Indiana also ended its participation in a federal program that made gig workers and the self-employed eligible for assistance for the first time and another that provides extra weeks of aid.”


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