Interested in putting your vote up for sale again, Congressman Rokita? We can help


Listings on popular websites created by the Indiana Democratic Party help Congressman Rokita sell his vote to more special interests following tribal gaming pay-play-scandal

INDIANAPOLIS – Following reports of Congressman Rokita’s pay-for-play scandal where he used his congressional office to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars from the tribal gaming lobby in exchange for legislation, the IDP has made it easier to sell his vote in the future by listing each of his offices online.

Congressman Rokita last week found himself in trouble after the Associated Press reported on a pay-for-play scandal in which he received $160,000 from the tribal gaming lobby while sponsoring legislation to strip protections from tribal gaming workers. Last year, he received more campaign contributions from the tribal gaming lobby than any other Member of Congress. Congressman Rokita subsequently was accused of hypocrisy for getting caught up in the scandal despite campaign ads where he assailed lobbyist pay-for-play in Congress.

As Congressman Rokita has a history of ethics issues that involve using his taxpayer-funded office for his campaign, he might like help bringing in the cash more easily should he sell his office in the future. The IDP has created mockups placing his three congressional offices in Indiana and Washington, D.C. up for sale on popular websites Zillow, Craigslist, and Ebay so that any special interest groups or lobbyists hoping to buy a vote can find Congressman Rokita more easily.

“If any special interests don’t mind funding a desperately ambitious political lifer to quickly get their pet bills through Congress, Congressman Rokita is their man for the job,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Instead of working hard, listening to his constituents, and reaching across the aisle to succeed, he clearly thinks it’s easier to get ahead by doing the bidding of deep-pocketed lobbyists. If Congressman Rokita is that desperate to sell his office, he might as well join the 21st Century and put himself up online instead of going down to K Street with his palm out.”

View his listings here:

Zillow: Congressman Rokita’s Washington DC office

Ebay: Congressman Rokita’s Lafayette office

Craigslist: Congressman Rokita’s Danville office


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