Is Eric Holcomb “Proud” of Mike Pence’s I-65 Bridge PR Mess?


Today marks one year of the bridge closure which damaged the state’s economy and threw our “Crossroads of America” reputation in jeopardy

INDIANAPOLIS – This week, Eric Holcomb said he is “proud” of Mike Pence’s record has as governor. That said, is Holcomb proud of the I-65 Bridge closure? Is Holcomb proud of the governor’s late-to-the-game approach to fix the state’s crumbling infrastructure?

Not only was this one of Pence’s biggest PR mishaps, but it damaged the state’s economy while also putting the state’s “Crossroads of America” reputation in jeopardy. On the one year anniversary of the I-65 Bridge closure, let’s take a look at the headlines which make Eric Holcomb so proud.
News Reports

Lafayette Journal & Courier: “Wasted time? Commuters talk cost of I-65 detour”

Lafayette Journal & Courier: “I-65 closure hits truckers, businesses adjust”

Lafayette Journal & Courier Column: “I-65 closure just a hint of the future?”

CNHI: “No-tax pledge clouds Indiana’s road funding debate”

Indianapolis Star: “I-65 detour’s delays near Lafayette costing truckers”

Chicago Tribune: “I-65 mess symbolizes state’s highway cheapness”

NWI Times Op-Ed: “WILLIAM NANGLE: Promise of new Cline bridge still isn’t met”

Lafayette Journal & Courier Column: “Pity Romney, I-65 detour’s whipping boy”


“Build a bridge to better road funding” The Times of Northwest Indiana, 8.23.15

“Indiana needs road map to fix its highways”Indianapolis Star, 8.22.15

“The road to ruin”Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 8.17.15

“A dedicated fix for Indiana’s bridges”Lafayette Journal & Courier, 8.15.15

Everyday Hoosiers

“It’s really frustrating, and it’s hard to not feel like I’m wasting my time.” – Dawn Olsen, Hoosier

“I feel like I’m making a trip I didn’t sign up for. And while I really like to drive, almost two hours a day on top of an hour in the morning is kind of absurd.” – Nathan Kiefer, Hoosier

“I wish that the state government would have prioritized infrastructure so that they could have proactively maintained the roads instead of waiting for something to go horribly wrong,” she said via email. “At the moment, I can handle the delays, but I am worried about how long these repairs could take. I don’t want to deal with this detour on top of icy roads and slick conditions in the winter.” –Elizabeth Beeson, Hoosier


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