Is Eric Holcomb “Quite Proud” of Mike Pence/IEDC’s Record on Hoosier Jobs?


Statehouse Republicans voted down bill that would have held companies accountable over IEDC incentives

INDIANAPOLIS – Since Eric Holcomb has said he’s “quite proud” of Mike Pence’s record, how does he feel about the governor’s history of throwing millions of dollars to companies who ship Hoosier jobs overseas?

A recent IndyStar report found that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation – and agency Mike Pence leads – consistently showered $24 million of incentives to companies that actually moved Hoosier jobs out of the country. This included companies like Carrier, CTS Corporation, and Vera Bradley. Not only is this a waste of tax payer dollars, but it reiterates the flawed economic snapshot both Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb tout for their campaigns.

“Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb are first to tout a sluggish state economy where Hoosiers work more for less. Does Eric Holcomb find this new report acceptable and would he be ‘proud’ of this failure by Mike Pence?” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers need to be assured that Indiana’s next governor will send our state in a new direction – not continue the status quo where wages are down for workers and their tax dollars are clearly put to waste.”

Statehouse Republicans had an opportunity to hold these companies accountable. Last session, State Rep. Karlee Macer added an amendment to Senate Bill 308 that would have held organizations that took incentives to their word on creating good paying jobs for Hoosiers. But due to their out-of-touch ideology, Statehouse Republicans blocked this measure — allowing companies like Carrier to continue shipping jobs overseas.

So is Eric Holcomb still “quite proud” of Mike Pence’s record as governor? Turns out it’s a flawed record that has the Hoosier middle-class consistently falling behind the rest of the nation.


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