Is Mexico paying for lost military funding at Crane, Hulman Regional Airport?


Zody questions whether Holcomb support cuts to fund border wall constructionF

INDIANAPOLIS – President Trump is cutting $16 million and $8 million in funding for projects at the Crane Army Ammunition Plant and Hulman Regional Airport respectively, diverting it instead to fund border wall construction. Governor Eric Holcomb’s administration describes Crane as a ‘dynamic critical duty command’ and an ‘indispensable mission expert’ when it comes to combating our nation’s greatest threats. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody wondered whether Holcomb would call on Indiana’s GOP Congressional delegation to reverse the cuts.

“Holcomb has said Crane is ‘indispensable’ but will he cross the President to protect potential jobs in south central and west central Indiana?” said Zody. “Securing the border shouldn’t mean killing jobs in Indiana.”

The cuts are to military construction projects in 23 states totaling around $3.6 billion. Holcomb, famously jello-kneed when it comes to challenging the president, must choose between taking a stand for Indiana jobs or falling into line. Zody believed Holcomb owed the working men and women impacted by the cuts a clear position on whether he supports the elimination of Indiana projects.

“I’m calling on Governor Holcomb to state whether he backs cutting these projects to build the president’s wall,” said Zody. “The men and women counting on these projects deserve to know whether the governor has their backs.”


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