It was Mike Pence’s SOTS Address that Lacked Substance, No Direction for Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS – Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement in response to the Indiana Republican Party’s recent failed “attack” on John Gregg.

“Talk about substance – Mike Pence’s State of the State address was not only called ‘one step behind’, but it was also called ‘one of the worst speeches I’ve ever heard a politician give’. The only idea from Mike Pence was his plan to continue his discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers, an out-of-touch ideology which already led to a $250 million economic panic last year. No bailouts from the RGA and Koch Brothers can salvage the damage Mike Pence has caused our state. John Gregg supports adding ‘sexual orientation, gender identity’ to the state’s non-discrimination laws as only this will restore our ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ reputation once and for all.”


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