It’s Been 149 Days Since Governor Holcomb’s Last COVID-19 Briefing


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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called on Governor Eric Holcomb to provide Hoosiers a public update on Indiana’s continuing fight against COVID-19. In the 149 days since Holcomb’s last press conference on the pandemic, Hoosiers have seen a Delta variant get a firm grip on the state. Just yesterday alone, Indiana saw new COVID cases reach levels not seen since January and hospitalizations are reaching levels not seen since last winter. As Holcomb once put it, Indiana is “on fire” with COVID-19 cases, and Indiana Republicans don’t want to do a thing about it. 

If Holcomb refuses to hold a press briefing, Indiana Democrats then ask the state’s press corps to keep meeting the Governor where he’s at and demand answers on why he refuses to update Hoosiers on the COVID-19 pandemic. Why isn’t Holcomb using the “facts on the ground” to help Indiana put the pandemic in the rearview mirror? Why does it look like the Governor has given up on COVID-19? Why is Holcomb letting the INGOP Statehouse supermajorities determine how he fights the coronavirus?

Indiana Democrats call on Governor Eric Holcomb to provide a public update on Indiana’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Indiana is ‘on fire’ yet again as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations have reached levels not seen since last winter, and yet, Governor Holcomb is forcing the media to chase him down to get answers on how the state is responding to the latest surge brought on by the Delta variant. It’s long past time for Governor Eric Holcomb to provide an update with Hoosiers about the coronavirus,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Democrats are thankful that Governor Holcomb is one of the few Indiana Republicans who believes in science and consistently promotes the vaccine. However, if he’s unable to be transparent with Hoosiers about his promise to use the ‘facts on the ground’ to guide families out of the pandemic, it’s going to feel like he’s given up on fighting COVID-19 altogether.” 

Indiana Democrats have done everything possible to help Hoosier families put the pandemic in the rearview mirror. U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan helped pass the American Rescue Plan, which delivered vaccines in arms and relief for both families and cities and towns across Indiana. Democrats delivered for Hoosiers despite universal opposition from Indiana Republicans, and it looks like the INGOP’s extreme partisanship will continue to create dangerous environments across the state. 


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