Jackie Walorski Panned for Dodging Debates, Hoosiers


WNDU: “Protesters question Walorski-Coleman debate schedule”

INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers are continuing to see how out of touch Congresswoman Jackie Walorski is as she keeps dodging common sense campaign practices. Aside from Walorski’s simple refusal to hold a public debate for this campaign, Hoosiers now say she’s been ignoring the Second District.

WSBT: “Do you plan to have any other debates?”

Walorski: “Again, the campaign teams worked these out and there’s been agreement on both sides and really other than that, that’s how these formats happen.”

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski is not available to speak with Hoosiers and will do everything possible to stack the deck against Lynn Coleman for the only debate in this campaign year. This is ironic considering Walorski campaigned on this issue in 2010 when she called for six debates against then U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly.

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“Hoosiers are picking up on the fact that Congresswoman Jackie Walorski forgot about the Second District the moment she reached Washington, D.C.,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “From failing to hold regular public town hall events to using taxpayer dollars to mail out political mail pieces across the district, Walorski is afraid to be held accountable for her out-of-touch agenda that aligns with Washington special interests and leaves Hoosiers falling behind.”


South Bend Tribune: “[The Coleman for Congress Campaign] again criticized Walorski’s decision to participate only in the Wabash radio debate, which likely will not reach as many constituents as a televised debate.”

WNDU: “A dozen protesters gathered outside Rep. Jackie Walorski’s (R-2nd) lunchtime speaking engagement with the South Bend Rotary Club at Century Center Wednesday. They carried signs that read “Special Interest Jackie!!” and “She talks to Lobbyists not to voters!”

‘Jackie said in 2010 that she should have six debates against then-incumbent Joe Donnelly. I was a Joe Donnelly supporter, but I thought she had the right position at the time, now she changes her position as the incumbent and says she only wants to have these little junior debates,’ said Dan Kane, a protester.”

WSBT:According to our partners at the South Bend Tribune, Walorski asked for no less than six debates in 2010, when she ran against incumbent Joe Donnelly for Congress.

We reached out to her campaign after the meeting to respond to this, and have not heard back. Wednesday Donnelly said this about the Walorski-Coleman debate.

This district has always been about televised debate, other debate, there’s a real engagement to let people hear,’ he said, ‘It’s our obligation to tell people why we think we’re the better choice.’


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