Jefferson Can’t Hide From His Extreme Conservative Record


INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and Republican nominee Jefferson Shreve both took part in their second televised debate tonight.

Over the course of the campaign, Indianapolis voters have learned about Jefferson’s extreme conservative record — and how he would move the city backward.

“Jefferson may have given himself $13.5 million, but no amount of money can hide his extreme record from Indianapolis voters,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “Jefferson has spent the last decade as one of the biggest Republican cheerleaders in the whole state. He ran to represent Indianapolis in the Statehouse on a platform of gun lobby talking points and anti-choice messaging. As a City-County Councilor, he opposed an ordinance to require the timely reporting of lost or stolen firearms. Simply put: a Shreve administration would be disastrous for the future of Indianapolis.”

IMPORTANTVILLE revealed this year that Jefferson never once promoted an African-American person to the executive board of Storage Express in his 30 years of ownership.

Jefferson is a proud member  of the NRA and bragged about his top “A” rating from the NRA during his 2016 State Senate campaign. 

Jefferson also voted with all Republicans against a commonsense ordinance to report missing or stolen firearms to police while on the City-County Council.

Jefferson’s history shows a long record opposing women’s choice. He ran an explicitly anti-choice campaign for State Senate in 2016, pledging to “protect the unborn”.

He tried to downplay the near-total ban’s economic effects on Indianapolis during the campaign, and told voters he would not fight the law as mayor.

Jefferson served as a surrogate for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, and went to the Republican National Convention as a delegate to cast his vote for Trump to be the party’s nominee.

He has also given thousands to candidates that voted to overturn the 2020 election, including a $1,000 donation to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s reelection campaign last year.


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