Jefferson Shreve and Mike Pence Are Wrong for Indianapolis


INDIANAPOLIS — This weekend, IMPORTANTVILLE was the first to discover and report that Republican mayoral nominee Jefferson Shreve is personally supporting Mike Pence’s presidential campaign, giving him a $1,000 campaign contribution. Pence is running on a platform of extreme anti-women, anti-LGBTQ, pro-gun policies, many of which are similar to Jefferson’s past positions on those issues.

“Time and time again, we’ve seen that Jefferson Shreve says one thing when the cameras are rolling, but does another when he thinks nobody is looking,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. “Indianapolis has rejected Mike Pence and his extreme policies four times in the past 11 years, and they will do so again by defeating his political ally Jefferson Shreve this November. Indianapolis has a mayor in Joe Hogsett who is committed to governing a diverse city, fighting for LGBTQ Hoosiers, and standing up to politicians who are stripping the rights of women.”

Jefferson has spent the last week trying to fool Indianapolis voters with the same gun safety proposals that Mayor Joe Hogsett passed through the City-County Council. It’s clear that Jefferson is trying to run from his long history with the NRA, of which he is a member.

Behind the scenes, Jefferson is the same conservative Republican that he’s always been. His personal support of Pence and his platform, perhaps the most socially conservative candidate in the presidential field, proves it.

Pence has spoken at multiple NRA conventions, including this April’s meeting in Indianapolis, where he criticized gun safety measures. How can we believe Jefferson will take gun safety seriously when he gives his dollars to some of the NRA’s most fervent supporters?

POLITICO 4.14.23: “We don’t need lectures about the liberties of law-abiding citizens. We need solutions to protect our kids,” Pence said. “So to Joe Biden and the gun control extremists, I say: Give up on your pipe dreams of gun confiscation, stop endangering our lives with gun bans, and stop trampling on our God-given rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution!”

IndyStar 4.26.19: “And I’m here today to tell you: We’re with you. President Trump and I are with the NRA today, and tomorrow and always, because the National Rifle Association stands for freedom.” 

Jefferson is aligning himself with the governor who advocated for and signed RFRA, a targeted attack on LGBTQ Hoosiers that saw millions of dollars leave our state. The bill caused a national outcry, and businesses canceled job creating projects in the city, including Angie’s List and AFSCME.

RFRA led to a shameful moment in our state’s history, openly encouraging the refusal of service to same-sex couples. Indianapolis and its inclusive community led the fight against RFRA and Pence’s hateful agenda.

Pence is one of the country’s most prominent anti-choice politicians. He signed multiple pieces of anti-choice legislation as governor and has centered his presidential campaign around a national ban on abortion, even in cases of fatal fetal anomalies, where the woman’s life is often in danger.

THE HILL 7.15.23: “Former Vice President Mike Pence said abortions in the case of nonviable pregnancies should be banned, taking a hard stance on abortion policy, which has proven to be a point of emphasis in his campaign.”

At this moment, with a state legislature openly hostile to women’s rights, the last thing Indianapolis needs is an ally of Mike Pence in the mayor’s office in Jefferson Shreve.


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