Jefferson Shreve Knocks Doors With Armed Supporter


INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Republican mayoral nominee Jefferson Shreve once again has shown his true colors on the issue of gun safety.

Less than two weeks after announcing a political plan to hide from his long-held support of the gun lobby by copying Mayor Joe Hogsett’s public safety plan, Jefferson posted a photo of a canvassing event this weekend where he proudly smiles next to a Republican Party official that is openly and unsafely carrying a handgun in his waistband.

“In the aftermath of January 6th, it should trouble every Indianapolis resident to see a candidate for mayor appearing with armed supporters in official campaign photos,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “No carefully crafted statement from his political consultants can say as much as this: a picture that’s worth a thousand words about Jefferson’s history of support for the gun lobby.”

Jefferson recently said he thought it was inappropriate to have residents openly brandishing guns around in Broad Ripple. Apparently he doesn’t feel the same way about going directly to families’ doors with armed campaign supporters. The message to Indianapolis residents is clear: a Shreve administration would promote Republicans who have no interest in taking meaningful steps to protect families and children from gun violence.

This incident, along with his history of supporting pro-gun Republicans like Mike Pence, shows again that he’s lying about his support for gun safety.

NRA member Jefferson Shreve is just another Republican who’s friendly with the gun lobby behind closed doors and willing to say and spend anything to hold office.

Indianapolis has routinely rejected such Republicans in recent elections. They can do so again this November by voting for Mayor Joe Hogsett.


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