Jefferson Shreve on Gun Safety: No Plan, No Show


INDIANAPOLIS — Today, the Indiana Democratic Party is reminding Indianapolis voters that there is only one candidate for mayor with a plan to address gun safety: Mayor Joe Hogsett.

“It’s clear on gun safety that Indianapolis voters only have one choice that will work to stop illegal gun crime and take on the gun lobby: Mayor Joe Hogsett,” Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl said. “NRA member Jefferson Shreve is letting his connections to the gun lobby and Republican state legislators stand in the way of supporting common-sense gun safety measures that Indianapolis voters support. Marion County has a leader against extreme state gun policies in Mayor Joe – Shreve as mayor would tow the line for special interests and the Republican supermajority in the Statehouse.”

Republican mayoral nominee Jefferson Shreve continues to deflect when asked whether he has  a plan to address gun violence in the city of Indianapolis. His most recent deflection was in a recent interview with Importantville, where his campaign stated that Indianapolis voters will need to wait weeks for any plan, despite saying now is the “time to act.”

NRA member Shreve didn’t show up to either Indianapolis City-County Council committee meeting this week to tell Indianapolis directly how he would tackle gun crime. But he was more than willing to defend hotelier profit margins at a council committee meeting just weeks ago.

Shreve’s no-plan, no-show approach stands in sharp contrast to Mayor Joe, who is rolling out a multifaceted gun safety plan this week in front of the City-County Council. His plan to hire more attorneys to work directly with the US District Attorney Zachary Myers to keep those committing gun crimes off the streets passed unanimously out of committee Tuesday, even receiving praise from Republican councillors.

On Wednesday, Mayor Joe passed measures that call for local control to halt permitless carry, ban assault weapons, and raise the age to buy a firearm from 18 to 21 in Marion County. It’s a sign to the other side of Market Street that Indianapolis stands for gun safety. Other aspects of the plan will help businesses and organizations keep gun-free zones and invest tens of millions into mental health and violence prevention. 


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