Jefferson Shreve Still Owes Indy Answers on Guns and Trump


INDIANAPOLIS — Republican mayoral nominee Jefferson Shreve, who has been notably absent from Indianapolis voters for over a month, is set to hold a press conference downtown today. There’s still questions to which he owes answers to Indianapolis voters.

It comes as his campaign has spent the cycle trying to deflect from Jefferson’s well-documented history as an ally of the NRA and a vocal advocate for the second amendment.

This summer, Jefferson posted a photo going out to knock doors with a supporter who was openly carrying a handgun. Jefferson claims that the incident didn’t send a message, but Indianapolis voters heard his message loud and clear.

The question remains: If Jefferson Shreve is genuinely committed to ending permitless carry, why did he permit a volunteer to canvass neighborhoods openly brandishing a firearm?

Jefferson was a surrogate for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, serving as a delegate that voted for him at the 2016 Republican convention.

Would Jefferson vote again for Donald Trump if he is the 2024 Republican nominee?

In addition, Jefferson was a staunch opponent of gun control while serving on the City County Council and as a candidate for State Senate in 2016. He touted his A-rating from the NRA, and casted a vote against an ordinance to require the reporting of stolen guns.

Why has Jefferson Shreve consistently voted against gun control and supported the gun lobby as a candidate and councilor?

Jefferson has also spent his career in Republican politics giving to candidates who support permitless carry and are against common sense gun control, like Mike Pence.

Why has Jefferson supported candidates financially that take such radical positions on gun safety, including politicians that advocate for weapons in schools like Mike Pence?

Indianapolis voters are still waiting for straight answers from Jefferson on this important issue. Instead, he’s spent the last month hiding and trying to buy an election. 

“What’s increasingly clear is that voters see Jefferson for who he is: a conservative Republican that is out of touch with Indianapolis. That’s why Mayor Joe Hogsett will be re-elected in November to a historic third term,” Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl said.


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