Jefferson Shreve Television Commercials Tout Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Credentials


INDIANAPOLIS – After days of battling the local press through conflicting statements, Indianapolis Republican mayoral nominee Jefferson Shreve’s own advertisements from his 2016 state senate campaign paint a clear picture of the pro-life politician he really is.

In 2016, Shreve said he would be a state legislator who focused on “protecting the unborn” and released two television ads that highlighted his pro-life stance: “The Conservative Republican We Can Count On” and “From the Ground Up”.

Now, running for a different office with a new set of political consultants telling him what to say, Jefferson is attempting to backtrack from his out-of-touch position on this and other issues such as his close policy ties to the NRA. No amount of “clarification” will hide Jefferson’s record: as mayor, he’d be an ally of the state legislature’s radical agenda to restrict the rights of women, criminalize abortion and target doctors.

“Jefferson Shreve is just another conservative Republican that wants to stand in the way of women making their own healthcare decisions,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. “As a state senate candidate, Jefferson Shreve showed his true colors on abortion – and with the legislature attacking women’s rights, the last thing Indianapolis needs is a mayor that won’t stand up to the culture war agenda coming from the Statehouse.

The difference this year could not be clearer: Mayor Joe Hogsett is pro-choice and Jefferson Shreve is anti-choice. Mayor Joe stood up and opposed the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last year because he believes in the fundamental right for women to make decisions about their bodies. Mayor Joe knows that laws like the abortion ban only make it harder for Indiana to attract businesses and retain young professionals.”


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