Jefferson Shreve Wants to Criminalize Abortion in Indianapolis


INDIANAPOLIS – Today, the IndyStar revealed that Indianapolis Republican mayoral nominee Jefferson Shreve opposes the Marion County Prosecutor’s office decision to not file charges against doctors and women seeking abortion care. Criminal prosecutions in Marion County are investigated by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, which reports to the mayor.

Last year, the state legislature passed a near total ban on abortion, opening women and providers to criminal charges. 

Jefferson’s position has shocking repercussions: criminal prosecutions of this nature would result in IMPD investigating women seeking basic healthcare services and their doctors if it is alleged they broke state law. Indianapolis voters deserve a mayor who won’t use the men and women of the local police department as soldiers in their culture wars.

“Every time he speaks, it seems Jefferson Shreve is dead set on taking Indianapolis back to the ‘good old days’,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. “The last thing Indianapolis needs is a mayor who will investigate women and their doctors. Indianapolis voters cannot afford a mayor that will bring the legislature’s culture war agenda into the City-County Building.”

Whether on women’s rights or gun safety, time and again Jefferson has shown he cannot be trusted to stand up to the legislature’s culture war agenda and lead Indiana’s most diverse city.


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