Jefferson Shreve’s Support for Trump, Election Deniers, the NRA, and Abortion Bans Shown in Latest Ad


INDIANAPOLIS — A new television and digital advertisement from Mayor Joe Hogsett shows Republican nominee Jefferson Shreve’s dangerous ultra-conservative views and support for right-wing election deniers.

“Jefferson knows his views and record are far too extreme for Indianapolis. From his support for Trump to his anti-choice and pro-gun record, Jefferson is just too far right for the people of Indianapolis. That’s why he’s spent millions trying to fool voters and buy this race. It won’t work,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “He’s donated thousands to politicians who attempted to overturn the 2020 election and throw away millions of votes. Indianapolis voters will not let Jefferson turn the Mayor’s Office into a puppet for the Republican supermajority in the Statehouse.


Jefferson was one of Donald Trump’s original supporters, going to the Republican National Convention to support his nomination in 2016. Years later, Jefferson is still standing by Trump. He never condemned the violent insurrection on our Capitol and the attempted overturning of the 2020 election.

In fact, Jefferson’s donation history shows he’s rewarded election deniers with campaign contributions, even donating after the attack on the Capitol.  

Last year, he gave $1,000 to re-elect Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s reelection bid. Johnson admitted to sending messages on January 6 to give Mike Pence slates of fake electors to try and overturn the election.

In total, Jefferson has contributed thousands of dollars to the campaigns of those who voted to overturn the election, including to Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Jim Baird and Steve Scalise.


Jefferson is a proud member of the National Rifle Association, the same organization that opposes common sense gun safety reforms.

When running for State Senate in 2016, Jefferson pledged to “defend the 2nd Amendment”,  and the NRA gave him an ‘A’ rating based on his answers to their questionnaire and said . He has refused to release his answers to voters.

The NRA led the effort in Indiana to repeal permitless carry and make our law enforcement officers less safe. They also oppose allowing localities more control over firearm safety. Based on questionnaires in other states, it’s likely Shreve had to support these policies to receive the organization’s highest grade as a candidate.

As a city-county councilor in 2015, Jefferson voted with all council Republicans against a commonsense ordinance to require the reporting of stolen firearms to police.


Jefferson admitted this summer that his administration would not work to overturn Indiana’s near-total abortion ban.

Shreve’s campaign for State Senate touted his commitment to “protecting the unborn”


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