Jennifer-Ruth Green Describes Infrastructure and Steel Investments as “Wasteful”


Green describes once-in-a-generation investments in infrastructure and steel as “wasteful” 

Rep. Frank Mrvan voted for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Inflation Reduction Act

ICYMI: The Jobs Act is providing a $8.9 billion infrastructure investment in Indiana, secured huge long-term projects for Indiana’s steel industry

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out Jennifer-Ruth Green for opposing major investments for Indiana’s steel industry that are creating a brighter future for workers and families in Northwest Indiana. On the campaign trail, Green has used phrases like “wasteful” to describe the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’s (The Jobs Act) $8.9 billion investment in Indiana, including projects like:

Green criticized Mrvan for his hard work to secure long-term projects for Indiana’s steel industry.

Jennifer-Ruth Green is deploying election-year partisanship to hide from her extremist agenda to ban abortion in all cases. In fact, Green is “100% pro-life…all the way” and will no doubt sign onto the national effort to criminalize the right to choose. Green’s agenda is extreme, and she supports this worst form of government overreach in recent memory. 

In contrast, Frank Mrvan has delivered on the kitchen-table issues most important to families in Northwest Indiana. This includes The Jobs Act, supporting Made in America provisions, and making Indiana’s steel a top priority for projects everywhere. He’s been endorsed and backed by the United Steelworkers union and serves as the national co-chair of the U.S. Congressional Steel Caucus. Simply put: Hoosier workers have a better future ahead because hard-working Congressman Frank Mrvan continues to deliver and serve the people of Northwest Indiana.

SHOT: Jennifer-Ruth Green Describes Infrastructure, Steel Investments as “Wasteful” 

Jennifer-Ruth Green, 09.23.22: “I support infrastructure investment, as long as it is just that. When you have a $1.5 trillion “Infrastructure” bill, but less than half of it is designated for real infrastructure, that is when I see a problem.”

Jennifer-Ruth Green. 08.12.22: “Today, @RepMrvan has a choice: He can either vote with Biden/Pelosi to raise the taxes of hardworking Hoosiers to fund more wasteful spending or stand with our communities in #IN01 that have been hurt by out-of-control gas prices and inflation by voting NO.” 

CHASER: Green Opposes The Jobs Act’s $8.9 Billion Infrastructure Investment, Commitment to Indiana’s Steel Industry 

Jennifer-Ruth Green opposed The Jobs Act and the nearly $8.9 billion of investments for Indiana’s future. That includes: 

  • Roads and Bridges: $7 billion will be delivered to Indiana to assist with repairs to roads and bridges in all 92 counties.
  • Public Transportation: $680 million to improve public transportation systems in cities across Indiana.
  • Broadband: $100 million for broadband internet expansion. 
  • Clean Water: $751 million to revitalize Indiana’s water infrastructure system, delivering safe and clean drinking water to all Hoosiers – no matter the Zip code.
  • Extreme Weather: $20 million will be provided to Indiana to help address extreme weather events that could happen in Indiana due to climate change.

Green also said “NO” to: 

Associated Press: Biden to require US-made steel, iron for infrastructure

“The Biden administration is taking a key step toward ensuring that federal dollars will support U.S. manufacturing — issuing requirements for how projects funded by the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package source their construction material.

New guidance issued Monday requires that the material purchased — whether it’s for a bridge, a highway, a water pipe or broadband internet — be produced in the U.S. However, the rules also set up a process to waive those requirements in case there are not enough domestic producers or the material costs too much, with the goal of issuing fewer waivers over time as U.S. manufacturing capacity increases.”


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