Jim Banks Votes to Weaken America’s Standing, Restrict the Right to Choose for Military Families


INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Republican Senate candidate Jim Banks’ series of votes over the past 48 hours shows he puts his own personal ambitions and partisan interests ahead of the good of our military, their families and America’s national interests.

Banks joined 69 other Republicans led by Rep. Matt Gaetz by voting for an amendment to strip all current and future military aid to Ukraine in its fight against Vladimir Putin’s illegal land grab war that is killing civilians.

“Jim Banks voted to allow Vladimir Putin’s military a free pass into Ukraine, and to weaken America’s longstanding relationships with our allies in Eastern Europe,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “Democrats are advocating for strong leadership that stands against Putin’s reckless and illegal war, supports Ukraine’s ability to defend itself, and helps our allies in Europe and beyond. Hoosiers need a real leader for America’s future in the U.S. Senate, not someone who will do Putin’s bidding.”

On top of this, Banks voted for a measure that restricts the right to choose for active duty military members and their families stationed in states where abortion is illegal, such as Indiana. All of these partisan games made the military funding vote the closest in recent history, when the bill usually passes by wide margins from both sides of the aisle.

“Jim Banks and Republicans are taking away the freedoms of those that protect ours,” said Indiana Democratic Party Executive Director ZeNai Brooks. “This vote once again shows that Jim Banks wants a nationwide abortion ban that forces women to carry even unsafe pregnancies to term. Hoosiers deserve a Senator who respects and upholds the right to choose for the millions of women in our state, and the hundreds of thousands of women that defend our liberty everyday. Hoosier women and minorities are tired of the recent constant attacks on their rights by Republican politicians. There should be no room for the partisan culture war games that Banks is playing when it comes to the rights and funding of our military members.”


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