Joe Donnelly, Cass County Democrats Discuss American Rescue Plan and American Jobs Plan in Logansport



INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today praised the conversation U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly and the Cass County Democratic Party had this past weekend in Logansport where Hoosiers learned about the impact President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is bringing to the community. Specifically, Donnelly highlighted the $1,400 checks more than 91-percent of Hoosiers received, the $5.8 billion provided to state and local communities, and the nearly $2 billion sent to schools to keep our kids safe — all thanks to the Rescue Plan. 

Photos from Saturday’s American Rescue Plan event in Logansport, Indiana

“Senator Joe Donnelly brought the kind of energy and message that Hoosiers in North Central Indiana want to hear, and it’s that Democrats are stepping up to get shots in arms, deliver $1,400 relief checks to families, and secure more jobs across our community,” said Lita Rouser, Chairwoman of the Cass County Democratic Party. “Cass Democrats know that when Hoosiers elect Democrats, stuff gets done, and we are ready to continue the conversation about why partnerships in government – not partisanship – is always the right way to deliver for our families.” 

The Senator and Cass County Democrats also previewed the president’s upcoming American Jobs Plan (AJP) and the opportunity it would bring to revitalize the state of Indiana. Once passed, the Jobs Plan will strengthen the state’s unions through the PRO Act, pick up where the Rescue Plan left off by expanding broadband access, and increase childcare opportunities for 55-percent of Hoosier families who live in a childcare desert. 

Saturday’s event will mark the start of a month-long effort by the Indiana Democratic Party to share the good news about how both the American Rescue Plan and Jobs Plan will deliver better opportunities for Hoosiers across Indiana. Take a look below at what Hoosiers saw over the weekend in North Central Indiana:


Former Senator Joe Donnelly headlined a meet and greet in Logansport to rally support for President Biden’s American Jobs Plan. Following a speech, Donnelly answered questions from the audience about the plan.

The American Jobs Plan has been struggling to gain support among Republicans, with a price tag of $2.7 trillion over ten years. Donnelly remains optimistic however that support can be gained from conservatives.

‘The message is really simple,’ Donnelly said. ‘To rural communities that you’ll have better healthcare, that you’ll have better broadband. To urban communities that you’ll have a better electrical grid in the community, so what’s being done is real meat and potatoes.’

Donnelly thinks when people see the result of the money spent, they won’t be upset with the cost.

‘That money is being invested in Logansport, It’s being invested in Lafayette, It’s being invested in Battleground, so it’s being invested… it’s our money being invested here to make our communities better,’ Donnelly said.”

Importantville: The return of Joe Donnelly

“The former Hoosier Senator hits the road tomorrow to sell Biden’s Jobs Plan.”

“Donnelly will take a victory lap—touting the $1,400 checks for 91-percent of Hoosiers, $5.8 billion for state and local communities, and nearly $2 billion for Indiana’s classrooms. He’ll also preview the American Jobs Plan “and the opportunity it would bring to revitalize the state of Indiana,” according to the Indiana Democratic Party.”

Expect Indiana Democrats to hold similar events across the state leading up to the 2022 midterm elections. ‘We are going on offense and are excited to discuss how counties like Cass experienced a direct impact from Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan,’ said a person familiar with the plans. ‘We’re planning to do something similar on the American Jobs Plan, too.’”


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